Speaking & Podcast

It’s a total joy for me to speak truth, courage and hope.

Join me in the soundscape on your favourite podcast app for the Brighter Dawn podcast. It’s just me sending you 5(ish)-minute voice notes – while we’re both stuck in traffic – to remind you that you’re loved and the future is bright.

For events, you can meet me here and fill out this form to check my availability, or you could connect with me on social media.

Here’s my brief resumé.  

My most requested topics relate to identity; finding your calling and living out your potential; coping with suffering; leadership; marriage; womanhood; motherhood and special needs parenting. Thank you so much for stopping by, and also for considering me as a potential speaker. I am honoured.

Check out the series I filmed with RightNow Media (click here to signup to RightNow Media for *FREE* and access over 20 000 videos from your favourite writers and speakers)! Here’s the trailer:


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