Meet Dalene

rptHey, welcome. I’m Dalene.

If you’re on the run – no time to read further – mail me sometime on dalene(dot)reyburn(at)gmail(dot)com.

Here’s my one-page résumé. Or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in real life.

I’d love to get in touch.

Extended version if you have time for tea:


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I write to remember what’s true. I write to feel brave. And I write because there’s always hope.

I really believe that as Jesus changes our hearts, we can change the world, for His glory and the fame of His name in this generation and the next.

I’m wife to Murray. Mom to Cameron and Scott.

Daughter, sister, friend. Lunchbox-packer, bed-snuggler, barefoot-walker, letter-writer, prayer-warrior, book-reader, chick-flick-watcher, mud-squelcher and lover of: Africa, music, mountains, big trees, big skies, big waves, small streams, black coffee, deep poetry, golden retrievers and catching trains in foreign countries.

Most days, I’m extremely excited to be alive. My hair goes frizzy in the rain. I break out in a cold sweat when other people vomit on airplanes. I speak fluent Minion.

Our eldest son is partially sighted. He was born blind – dense bilateral congenital cataracts and microphthalmia. My husband is an optometrist. It all kind of changed my world view, you know? In, like, a good way.

It would be wonderful to journey with you.

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