Meet Dalene

D-23Hey, welcome. I’m Dalene.

I’m wife to Murray. Mom to Cameron and Scott.

Daughter, sister, friend and aunt. Lunchbox-packer, jungle-gym-climber, bed-snuggler, barefoot-walker, letter-writer, prayer-warrior, truth-seeker, courage-collector, tea-drinker, home-maker, book-reader, chick-flick-watcher, grace-junkie and lover of: Africa, music, mountains, big trees, big skies, poetry, cappuccinos, dancing, golden retrievers and catching trains in foreign countries.

Our eldest son is partially sighted. He was born blind – dense bilateral congenital cataracts and microphthalmia. My husband is an optometrist. It all kind of changed my world view, you know? In, like, a good way.

I like finding wonder and worship in the mundane and the magnificent. Most days, I am extremely excited to be alive. Pinterest makes me break out in a cold sweat. So does scrapbooking and other people vomiting on aeroplanes.

I write here because I’m passionate about using my time and my potential to be all God created me to be, for the fame of his name in this generation and the next.

And I would really like for us to change the world, for his glory.

It would be a privilege to journey with you.

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