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Fellow writer, I’m cheering for you! I’d love to share with you how I’ve learned to keep the ink flowing.

There’s a Book in You

Personal online coaching to walk you through the start-to-success process of writing a book.

2 hours – R1000 / £60 / $80 / €70

Your Name in Print

Personal online coaching on how to get your manuscript ready for self-publishing.

1 hour – R500 / £30 / $40 / €35


I’d love to journey with you, as you journey with Jesus.

Healthy Hashtags

Personal online course walking you through 21 hashtags the sensible soul can live by when life is overwhelming.

3 hours – R1500 / £90 / $120 / €105

Grateful, Content and Ready

Personal online coaching equipping you to be grateful for what has past, content where you find yourself in the present, and ready for whatever God has for you in the future.

3 half-hour sessions – R750 / £45 / $60 / €52

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