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You’ll find my books in stores worldwide, or online from Exclusive Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Takealot, Loot, CUM books, Christian Art Gifts, and other online vendors.

Bits of my books have also been repackaged as devotionals on YouVersion.

Apples of Gold


I wrote this book with Dr Michael Mol. It’s a 366-day devotional that will inspire you to live out your days abundantly with invigorating health, fulfilling God’s call on your life in the best and most beautiful ways. Enjoy a daily dose of God’s Word, bite-sized advice to boost your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and be blessed in body, soul and spirit.

Breathe Between the Lines – a *NOVEL*


When a young woman is shot in an armed robbery, a book she leaves behind writes itself randomly into the lives of strangers and friends who breathe between the lines of a far greater story already written and, they realise, not random at all.

–> Find it RIGHT HERE on Amazon!<–

If you’re in Pretoria, pick up a copy (and a coffee) at Maverick Coffee, Parkview Centre, or Wild Cactus Café, Jacqueline Drive. If you’re anywhere else in South Africa, fill out the form on this page and I’ll arrange a Postnet-to-Postnet delivery.

You’ll find the AUDIOBOOK version of Breathe Between the Lines at 43 audiobook retail distributors including Audible, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, Scribd, eStories, and others. ENJOY!

Traveling Light

English cover

(©2019, Christian Art Publishers)

Traveling Light will take you on a 366-day Jesus adventure. It’s written for the brave life-traveler willing to walk off the map, sleep under stars, go the distance, unpack some baggage, wait patiently and prayerfully in transit, and clear checkpoints with nothing to declare. Take comfort from the truth that there’s no place like home – and the sky’s the limit.

Find it where books are sold, worldwide. And look out for it at airport newsstands and booksellers all over this blue-green planet, whenever you’re #TravelingLight.

My publishers have also wrapped 180 of your favourite pages from Traveling Light into this handbag-sized tiny lovely thing:

A Journey of Joy

cover 1

Find it in stores or online. Read it on the train. Read it on the loo. Leave it in a coffee shop to be discovered and passed on because you get to travel light into a bright future.

Prayers for a Mom’s Heart

(©2018, Christian Art Publishers)


World-changing mama – living your kid-raising stories alongside mine – this book is for you! Available in stores and online worldwide.


WALKING IN GRACE: 366 inspirational devotions for an abundant life in Christ

(©2017, Christian Art Publishers)



Available in stores and online worldwide.

Get all the devotionals for JANUARY right here, for FREE.

(Afrikaans edition: JANUARIE van Omvou Deur Genade)

Also available in Portuguese: Vivendo Pela Graça


World changer? Please please please grab a copy of

DRAGONS AND DIRT: The truth about changing the world – and the courage it requires

(©2014). Foreword by Lisa-Jo Baker.

Available in stores and online worldwide.

CLICK HERE for the free preview…

Dragons and Dirt - Dalene Reyburn-1

I support Botshabelo’s Preschool Teacher Training Programme in Olievenhoutbosch and other under-resourced communities in Gauteng, with part of the proceeds from book sales. Because –

We can change the world.

There are God-dreams stitched into our DNA. He’s given us each a slice of history to live free – full of wonder – for his glory.

So what stops us?

What stops us from earning our numbered days, living on purpose and being the revolution?

In Dragons and Dirt, Dalene Reyburn battles the external life pressures that punch our dreams in the gut, and the internal heart entanglements that keep our capacity for good buried deep. Because when life happens, things break on the outside and things break on the inside, and what we do with that determines the fullness of our lives. We can look back with regret and look forward with fear and live a mediocre present. Or we can recognize that we have space and scope to leave the planet better than we found it.

This book is a reminder that when we brave the dragons that breathe fire at the borders of our influence, and when we dare to be honest about the dirt we hide in our hearts, we can get busy living.

We might even change the world.

Other Writings


I’m part of TheWordSpace – a team of writers who post short daily devotionals to the smartphones of about 10 000 teenagers and young adults.

I’ve contributed to YouVersion, (in)courage, ForEveryMom, Beauty for Ashes, Katie Reid, Scripture Union magazine, brettFISH and various poetry anthologies and online devotionals. This is me in Atlanta with some of the Joy Of It team – a non-profit based in Portland, OR. I blog for them regularly.


For two and a half years I blogged here to survive.

2014-12-12 11.56.44

Our eldest son, Cameron, was born with dense bilateral congenital cataracts and microphthalmia. I wrote about surgery and visual therapy. Setbacks and grace. Fear and hope. It was an incredible way to connect with other parents of VI kids. And it’s an archive of how we learned the terrifying joy of watching your heart walking around in someone else’s body.

For three and a bit years I blogged here to revel.


I hunted for God-glory in the marvel and the mess of raising little men. I wrote about motherhood and marriage. Cuteness and courage. There’s some poetry. And tons of love letters to my boys about life. All things magnificent – heart-breaking – real. All things worth celebrating.

Flight to Fabuland

(©2007, Phakela Press)


In 2007, the lovely Sheryl Wise and I co-authored this children’s novel.

Here’s the blurb:

Fabu what?!?!

Something marvellingerous is about to happen.

Big Ed and Big Art have been looking for adventure, but they certainly weren’t expecting this. It’s the Christmas holidays, and when Professor Zoododge agrees to lend them his pet helidonk, they set out on a quest of epic proportions. They go from the Himalayas to Monte Carlo, across the globe and in between, all on a mission to reach the legendary Fabuland – where people trade in tea and where anybody can be fabulous.

Unfortunately, the Two Bigs are not the only ones who want to get to Fabuland. A fiendishly evil, annoyingly mysterious and most unfabulous somebody is hot on their trail, trying to trip up their every move…

If you haven’t read Flight to Fabuland, you totally should! Order over here.

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  1. Hi Dalene. Esther du Preez here. I’m really enjoying the devotional you wrote. I’d like to get 12 copies as gifts and was wondering if i could get a discount.


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