You need to feel Christmassy. Can I pray for you?

God on High –

More than ever, we need to feel irrefutable Christmas truth.

Thank You for the lights and the food and the music and the gifts: multi-sensory here-and-now reminders of the extravagant wealth you ushered into our poverty –

the radiance You shone into our darkness.

Thank You that truth is always the perfect plumb line between the pendulum extremes of liberal and conservative.

I pray we’d be so steeped in truth that we wouldn’t swing to the side of all things insubstantial, feel-good, flaky and fake.

I pray we’d be so steeped in truth that we wouldn’t swing to the side of all things Spiritless, straight-jacketed, law-bound and unadventurous.

I pray the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Christmas truth would produce in us well-founded, wild emotion.

Burst our hearts with joy.

Flood our lives with peace.

In the Name of Jesus who was born to die, so that we might live,


feeling Christmassy.jpg

. . .

MERRY CHRISTMAS, wonderful you! I’ll be taking a break for a week or so – but I’m so excited to see you on the blank pages of a new year! With our God, the best is yet to be. 2018, we’re coming for you!

You can get in touch here; or on Twitter, Instagram, or our Facebook community page.

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