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  1. I’m reading this while sitting at Red Cross with my eldest daughter – again – waiting to see one of her four different specialists. My mind is racing between “Is she okay?”, my little girl pickle-dancing back home, the letter I have to write to the lawyer, the bills keeping me up at night, the budget the social worker wants, the reports I need to send to the psychiatrist, the manuscript review I need to finish… and a hundred other things. But I’m also thinking, this is life. For me and millions of others, this is ordinary life. At night I simply pray, grant me rest and refuge for another day. God knows. And so in all of this, I find a sense of peace that has no reason. I know we are held, and in each ordinary step, the quotidian becomes the numinous.


  2. It’s been “let’s destroy the new carpets week” in my house. One burn mark from an iron that a guest dropped on the study carpet. One splotch of bright purple nail polish on a bedroom from a two year old who wanted to paint her own nails. One pattern of burnt circles on the guest room carpet from a friend who wanted to help dry the carpet with a hairdryer. One set of muddy boot prints across our bedroom carpet from hubby who hurried in to get his keys after watering the garden. Then the reminder that they are just carpets and won’t even get to eternity. So be still anxious heart. People matter more than carpets. And I really needed to hear these words. Thanks Dalene.


    • Ha ha! Can’t believe all that happened, and right next door to us… Seems to tranquil from our side of the wall! 🙂 Very glad I could encourage you from our equally un-tranquil side of things here… 🙂 Much love x


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