What will you do with the days you’ve got left?

You – marvellous human! – I know you don’t want to get to the end of your life, and say,

‘I’m glad it was all so average.’

– Right?!

*Only you* get to live your one short, sweet, stunning life – doing all you can in the time you have, for the good of others and the glory of God.

Except, maybe you’re looking back with regret. You’re looking forward with fear. And you’re finding today disappointingly underwhelming, or unspeakably difficult.

Meet Moses – wise wanderer, wonderer, prayer warrior – who wrote in Psalm 90:

‘God, teach us how to count our days, so our days count.’

I want to figure out how to be grateful for the past (despite trauma and heartbreak), content in the present, and ready for whatever God has for us in the future – and I’d love you to figure it out with me.

CLICK HERE to sign up to RightNow Media for *free* and access this 4-part series on Psalm 90.

(Plus there’s a study guide if you’re keen to go deeper with friends or on your own.)

(Plus over 20 000 videos from your favourite speakers and writers.)

Here’s the trailer:

I’m praying you’d take hold of the truth that Jesus redeems your past.

He’s real in your right now.

And He can position you to be ready for what’s to come. 

. . .

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