*FREE STUFF* plus Trains, Planes and Jam Jars

(I’ll tell you about the free stuff in a minute.)

(Sure. Scroll to the end if you absolutely cannot wait.)

On Saturday I shared some truth with some wonderful women in a park in the Netherlands (in heels) (which was a mistake) with people all around us cycling, tanning in bikinis (and cycling in bikinis), and swimming in the canal. It was all a pleasure and privilege.

It took a car, a bus, a plane, my flip flops, and three trains to get me from my front door to that patch of lawn. It also took no small sum of admin, organising, planning and prep, and ensuring Murray would wake up on Father’s Day to surprise, ribbon-wrapped boerewors in the freezer.

But all those Chronos moments were featherlight and totally worth it for the weightiness of the Kairos moment beneath the trees, and journeys are a joy when you take just the essentials in a carryon.

I was reminded that any expedition is easier if you travel light. Even dreams get heavy. Luggage and baggage and hopes are best left in God’s strong arms so you can go the distance, comfortable and content.

I was reminded too that a few years ago my friend Rory prophesied that God would put me on every form of transport to bring people the hope of Jesus. I surrendered the dream – the way I’ve learned to surrender tightly-shut jam jars to Murray when I can’t open them.

I don’t strive and sweat and wrestle with the lid. I don’t smash the jar on the counter and scoop out lumps of jam from broken glass. I don’t feel defeated by the impossibility of ever smearing apricots over hot butter.

I just relinquish the jar into hands strong enough to open it, with every hope that those hands will hand it back. (Also knowing that often the hands hand back something even better. Like Nutella.)

So I want to put jam on your toast and tracks beneath your train wherever you find yourself traveling through time right now:

Whatever God is asking you to surrender, know that you never relinquish anything to Him without hope. He who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.

He will possibly (probably) do it in a different way and at a different time from whatever you’ve imagined. (He might do it in a park in Europe during a heatwave.) But you can trust Him to get it right on account of Him being, you know, God.

Ok, the free stuff bit –

Part of God faithfully carrying dreams and opening jam jars in this season has been the delight of doing some work with RightNow Media. They filmed a series with me in March to be released *sooooooooon*.

In the meantime, you can sign up to RightNow Media FOR FREE (on the app or website) and get access to over 20 000 videos with accompanying study guides, from all your favourite speakers and writers.

It’s like Christian Netflix. If you’re looking for material to inspire and equip you or your friends or your life group or your church, this is it. There are series for kids, students, women, men. There are Bible book studies and topical studies. It’s. All. There.

Enjoy forever access, and please pass on this link to the peeps in your world.

There’s nothing in it for me if you signup. RightNow Media exists because of brave, generous people who believe the mission of the church matters. Everything they do is rooted in Jesus’ promise that God will use His people to change the world. They want as many as possible to benefit from this resource, so they’ve given me a signup channel to share with you.

I’ll get in touch when my series goes live.

So grateful to share the journey with you.

(Here’s the link again if it’s easier for you to paste into your browser: https://app.rightnowmedia.org/en/join/DaleneReyburn)

. . .

I’d love to connect with you here or on Twitter, Instagram, or our Facebook community page.

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  1. Dear Dalene,

    Thank you for sharing the link for RightMedia. I look forward to seeing your series on there. Thank you for always being inspiring.

    Hope you have a great day.

    Yours sincerely Nicola Tapson


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  2. Hi dear Dee,

    ThNk you so much for your awesome posts. Love Reading them and finding out what has been happening in your lives! Seems as though you guys have made a successful adjustment to your new home – not easy, but you have made it look so!

    We are leaving for SA in a few days to attend my nephew’s wedding (in East London) and then taking the kids on a trip along the Garden Route! They have never been there. Will pray for you specifically on the morning that we plan to hike around Nature’s Valley 🙂

    Much love and so much grace to you my friend,


    Sent from my iPhone


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