New Book Releasing August 2023: Live Free

*LIVE FREE* will be available worldwide by August 2023!

This is my 8th book. It was the hardest to write. (Cue Hemingway’s quip: ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’) (Dramatic, much?) 

I wrote it in 2021, which wins the prize for Most Difficult Year of Life So Far. (And yes, the journey from finished manuscript to shelf is traditionally glacial. Can I get an amen, fellow writers?)

#Obvs, you don’t need me bleeding words all over my laptop to set you free. Jesus’ blood already did that. But I pray He’d use this book to keep on astonishing you with the joy that, even when you’re white-knuckle clinging to the side of the darkest crevasse, He sets you free from fear. More than that, He sets you free to feel, ask, flourish, follow, love, learn, fail, give, rest, and dream.

*Watch this space for pre-order and release dates.*

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  1. This is so exciting Dalene. I’m sure that you are so proud (and maybe a bit terrified!) Praying God’s blessing on this costly labour of love.

    Much love to the men in your life 😊

    Head of Administration

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