Happy In-Between! | 3 Hope-Ideas for 2019

We greeted 2019 somewhere over the Atlantic.

(I think.) (Sort of.)

Waiting at Toronto Pearson International Airport on New Year’s Eve – to fly from Canada to England – we knew it was already January 1st back home in South Africa.

We boarded at 10pm Eastern Time. Dinner was served sometime after midnight. Quietly and politely. The captain didn’t suggest we leap from our seats to chest bump the people across the aisle. Because, we weren’t in Eastern Time anymore. We were that much closer to Greenwich – where midnight had (also) already ticked by, hours before.

It all felt particularly time-warpy because we were on the backend of an overseas experience that will mark our lives, and our kids’ lives.



If you’ve travelled you’ll know how time expands – slowing and ballooning into some kind of supernatural interval where you live a lifetime in two weeks – and how, simultaneously, time hurtles like it’s got places to go and before you know it, it’s over.

Liminality is the neither-here-nor-there space between things, seasons or events. And we missed the midnight countdown because we were in that wondrous-slash-confusing liminal space flanked by time zones, continents, world views, years.


As it turns out, we’ve occupied the liminal space of tough decisions for much of the past year (*I’ll turn it all into a book – watch this space*), and I’m realising more and more that our earth-lives are always liminal – the tenuous tie between temporal and eternal. We don’t ever know, really, where we are on the timeline of fragile existence. We don’t know how much time we’ve got left, or where our times will lead us.

But God does.

He knows just when and where we’re positioned, even if we don’t. He’s inside time, outside time, at the same time, and He holds time. He holds every detailed answer to every specific question. He holds planes in the air and us in our seats and He holds our very lives.



Maybe you’re starting this blank and beautiful New Year in a particularly liminal place?

As you wait for wisdom and faith and peace and patience between what has been and what will be: fasten your seatbelt, lean as comfortably as you can up against the window of opportunity and try get some rest with these three truths in mind:

#1 Be grateful

If God never does another good thing for you, for as long as you live, it’s actually ok. At the cross, He already did enough to last you a lifetime. He did enough to last you all eternity. It is finished.


#2 Be content

The great news is that it’s probably not going to be all misery for the rest of your life. God will probably continue to do plenty of good things through you, in you, for you – because we get to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Jesus told us there’d definitely be tragedy, grief, disappointment et al. Maybe even truckloads. But if you have food and covering, you can be content. And if you’re reading this, I reckon you have plenty of both. Phew.


#3 Be ready

God’s already done you good, and you can be content. So, anything else He adds to your life – like knowing the next step – is a total bonus. You don’t need to know the next step – you just need to be ready to take it.

He’s the Good Shepherd who leads people into pastures and promised lands. Whether He beckons you to follow or chases you from behind or invites you to lie down for a bit in the green grass beneath your feet, you can trust that He loves you unimaginably, His plans for you are the best plans for you, and no one can stand in His way.

Be ready to live fully-completely, freely and fearlessly where God has you, so you’ll be ready to live fully-completely, freely and fearlessly where He leads you.

His love ends nowhere. Not on earth nor amidst the stars nor in between time zones and transit terminals.

Let’s let that ready us and steady us, for this New Year, and anything else.


. . .

Happy, happy, happy New Year! I love doing life with you here.

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What’s coming in 2019:

Click here to book me for your speaking event. I love talking to warm bodies!


These beaut prayer-card-tins will be in stores this month. 50 extra prayers and a nice matchy-matchy gift to go with Prayers for a Mom’s Heart. (Which you can order in South Africa and The Rest Of The World.)

Walking in Grace and Dragons and Dirt are available in stores or online (through Christian Art Publishers, Christian Art Gifts, Barnes & Noble and Amazon). Message me for orders of Dragons and Dirt if you’re in South Africa.

Another daily devotional – Traveling Light – will hit the shelves, DV, towards the end of 2019!

I’m *excited* to be writing a novel this year! It feels a little less to-do and a little more ta-da! I’m also keen to write another short-ish eBook if time allows. And I’ll continue writing for TheWordSpace, Scripture Union and Joy Of It.

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