#HealthyHashtags to beat TOXIC thoughts

We are what we think. (Proverbs 23:7)   

Tides of plastic and politics washed up on the world’s shores last year, showing just what we thought of our planet and each other. In fact, toxic was the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2018.

I asked God to show me where my own thinking was poisonous.

He did.

So for 2019, instead of A Word For The Year That I Feel God Has Given Me, I’m wrapping my thoughts around 21 hashtags that condense big feelings and big ideas into bite-sized (brain-sized?) bits. Healthy. Easy to digest. Powerful to energize Three Big Life Areas.

(Your toxicity levels are likely under control. But I’m sharing this in case you’re keen to tag yourself daily in just one mental tweet while you floss or feed the dogs.)

1  The skin you’re in

IMG_20181219_145744.jpgRight now, you’re the oldest you’ve ever been, and you’ll never again be this young. How will you channel your wisdom? How will you channel your zest? Tackle today with #StrongEnergy.

Find time for the #Renaissance10. Ten minutes (even one minute?) each day to paint something, plant something, plan something or play something. Play the piano. Play the fool. Play UNO with your kids. Feed the fun, not just the function.

Maybe you’re a super model. But you’re probably not. Your ordinary looks are part of a God-planned package, perfectly designed to be non-threatening. Whether people encounter you on a pavement or a platform, are you a #SoftInvitation into the presence of Jesus? Even on messy, PMS-y, out-of-sorts days?

You can control what goes in your mouth, and your mind. Eat for a #HealthyBrain.

#SleepDeep. #MoveMore. ‘Nuff said.

2  The paths you cross

IMG_20181219_142428.jpg#BorrowFeelings from Jesus, for every person you meet. Every call centre operator. Every cold-shoulder-ish co-worker. Every person round your table even when they’re driving you round the bend.

Every time you get home with shopping – food, clothes, anything – #GiveAway something. Rich people aren’t generous. Poor people aren’t generous. Generous people are generous. No matter who we are or where we, we can choose generous.

Be the #KindCourage and #ExtraordinaryHumility you hope to find in others.

Live with #NoExpectations, #OnlyGratitude.

3  The hope you possess

IMG_20181219_112400.jpgIMG_20181221_120059.jpgAs you look to a big blank intimidating future, trust God for His #ClearLeading and #WiseProvision. Surrender to #HisPurposes.

Expect to #AdventureEveryday. #ClimbDon’tCarry the mountains you meet.

Be #ContentToday and don’t grow weary of choosing the difficult-but-ultimately-life-giving, over the easy. Eventually, you’ll #ReapGood.

We are #FreeIndeed, and ours is a #BrightFuture – because God waits for us there.

. . .

Have a wonderful weekend!

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