Something’s Got To Give: A prayer for world change this Christmas

[Adapted from the archives]

God who flings stars and writes the future –

Something’s got to give.

This just-so-tilted planet-home is our soft snow and beach sand, red dust and hard rock – cafés, cathedrals and cobbled streets. You make masterpieces: Sweden and the Serengeti, the States and South Africa, and every child’s Christmas smile. You wrap us in damp grey and bright white and true blue skies and you fix time zones and rhinestones flicker in the dark.

You see it all, and You take Your glory.

But something’s got to give

Because the sin stain seeps through centuries and every page of history. Every heart in every nation blackens. Corruption and climate change scream brash of thoughtless needless greed. Talk is cheap and life is cheaper in an economy of bling things and discount sex and unthinkable soul suffering.

And You haven’t ended it?

You have us here still carving out your Kingdom in mud slums and fast-car cities. So if we, Your people, who are called by Your name, will humble ourselves and pray and seek Your face and turn from our wicked ways – will You hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our lands?

Awaken us. Wake us up! Like You did those shepherds once.

Shock us out of conceited and complacent. Shake us out of depressed and indifferent. Ignite in us a passion for Your purposes. Dissatisfy us with the status quo so that we won’t wallow and moan, but step out of poor-me mires and into the destiny You’ve designed.


And on the darkest nights of doubting ourselves – doubting if it’s all worth it – even doubting You – send those who will shine a light on our dreams. And show us how to do that for others.

Saviour born in a stable – keep us from measuring success on the stock exchange or social media. Keep us satisfied with the success of obedience – the kind that only You ever really see. Keep us trusting that greater is He who runs the universe than those who drive industry and the internet. You will provide. You will build your church. No purpose of Yours can be thwarted. And – thankfully! – we’re just flecks in the wave of history that rolls on deep and wide and all for Your glory.

Almighty God, in these days of injustice, anger and fear, make us a people of hope and joy. Help us get real perspective on the challenges of our lives, our countries, our world, by magnifying above them Your great Name so that we see reality by the sure and certain blazing light of Your splendour.

Give us wisdom to understand the things we can do to make a difference – and courage to get busy doing them.

Because maybe the something that’s got to give is us.

Keep us so filled up with the spilling-over life You freely gave that we keep on spilling it out for others. Make us happy, generous purveyors of hope – gladly and relentlessly shining our Christmas lights from these windows on these streets –  

Because Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever.


. . .

Wishing you a *spectacular* Christmas!

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