6-Word Stories on PARENTING and the GOSPEL

A while back I wrote a bunch of Honest 6-Word Stories about Marriage.

Thought I’d share some today on PARENTING and the GOSPEL (because it’s chaos to do the first without the second).

It would be so cool if you tweet me your own 6-word stories, or share in the comments or on our Facebook community page!

Parenting in 6 words

Our DNA mixed: some kinda wonderful.

I’m perpetually frustrated, amazed, exhausted, delighted.

Don’t make me come down there!



I’d pick them, over and over.

Parents cast vision, daily, for years.

Hurt my kids and you’ll die.

Kids crack me up. They’re fun.


God trusted me with humans. Eeeek!

Parents are superheroes without the spandex.

My heart beats in their bodies.

The Gospel in 6 words

He took what you had coming.

It should have been me, nailed.

His heart, His body: both broken.

We couldn’t reach. He came down.

He was hated. We are healed.


‘It’s finished,’ He said. Stop trying!

Jesus walked around loving His killers.

He bled with you in mind.

He died. He rose. He reigns.

The cross stopped wrath: we’re free!

. . .

Have a fantastic weekend!

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