Some (more) honest 6-Word Stories about MARRIAGE | Write me yours?

Here are 40 very short stories about marriage – inspired by 6-word story trends I saw on the net last year.

Because TODAY one of my best-and-closest friends gets married!

We’re both 40 this year and we’ve been praying together for half our lives and I’m doing all the happy dances on the inside and the outside because *THIS* is a great and glorious day, tra-la-la!

1  True love: no app for that.

2  Less screen time. More sex time.

3  Undivided attention is the best aphrodisiac.

4  Jesus paid lobola with His life.

5  Have a budget, and a marriage.

6  ‘Passive-aggressive is sexy!’ said no-one ever.

7  No secrets. Everything in the light.

8  Fidelity is the counter-culture happiness hack.

9  Marriage is a million wakings-up-together every-day-forever.

10  Confession: I steal all the duvet.

11  Say nice things about each other.

12  Don’t find fault. Find each other.

13  I’m so glad I found you.

14  Give, and forgive, and forbear. Repeat.

15  We all marry a dying spouse.

16  One day, you will both sag.

17  The future is full: preloaded grace!

18  Tightly-wound wife? Make love to her.

19  His needs? Her needs? Think! Pray!

20  Make each other your best selves.

21  I’m the hurry-up to your sorry-I’m-late.

22  Some nights, I’m tired. He’s not.

23  One-flesh gospel: Jesus loves His church.

24  Marriage: a maximum security, life sentence.

25  He completes my sentences, my life.

26  Worry-laugh wrinkles: love-worn wonder of together.

27  ‘I already fixed it,’ he said.

28  ‘I’ll thank you later,’ she said.

29  The kids caught us kitchen smooching.

30  Your money is my money: phew!

31  Fact: early-morning people marry late-night people.

32  Life’s crazy. We pray. It’s better.

33  Tea in bed: our nightly refuge.

34  Gotta understand: we carry different burdens.

35  Keep dating, debating, wooing and pursuing.

36  Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

37  Never embarrass each other in public.

38  Always look forward to something fun.

39  Our wedding feels yesterday, long ago.

40  Your ‘I do’ was my undoing.


. . .

Happy weekend to you! Feel free to give me your lowdown on marriage, in 6 words, and please share this post if someone you love may appreciate it.

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  1. Invest in each other – kids leave.

    Babe, YOU are not my enemy.

    True romance: getting false teeth together 🙂


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