Listen to God | Do your own stunts

On Father’s Day, Murray makes the boys address him as, He Who Vanquishes the Underlings. Or, He of the Iron Biceps.

Some days, I make them preface Thank You for the Lunch with, Oh Mom, Most Beautiful Amongst Women.

We’re silly like that.

Then last Saturday I got home from a speaking event and Cam gave me this:


And on Sunday morning we were having coffee in bed and Scott climbed in between us and said from the depths of his big serious blue eyes:

‘Mom, when you retire from being a writer and a speaker you should be a stunt double.’

He wasn’t kidding. Because he thinks I’m magic.

All this made me consider a couple things:

#Thing 1

I’d driven home from that conference in the usual swirl of conflicting emotions: the satisfaction of being in my sweet spot, and an overwhelming sense of my inadequacies.

But if the people who know us the best are also the people who respect us the most – maybe that’s ok?

And I wondered why we don’t listen more to the voices of those who love us and especially to the Voice of the One Who Loves Us Most.


At this same event, my friend Jaci had spoken about exactly this thing of ignoring the detractions of the throng and the noise of the battlefield – listening only for the voice of our Commander whose Kingdom won’t crumble.

#Thing 2

Then I thought,

We should all be doing our own stunts.

Not doubling as others. Not trying to be someone we’re not because the world needs only one of each someone.

Abso-freakin’-lutely we need to imitate Jesus. We need to be Jesus to the world through our temperaments and talents.

But I’d just spoken to the women at that event about how none of us should get ourselves a Messiah Complex – thinking it’s up to us to save the world. Jesus did all His own stunts and He doesn’t need us to do them for Him. He real-life conquered death without CGI and He reigns in 3D HD glory and the pressure is off to come up with lame simulations.

Incredibly, however, a good God makes space for us to share His Kingdom work. There are you-shaped gaps in the world that only you can fill. Get busy filling them. Constantly celebrate the gifts of others and put your head down and work hard in faith to leverage every opportunity God gives and –

Then look up –

Amazed at what He’s done in you, and through you.IMG_20180813_172714No matter how you feel today about you or your gifting: God delights in you, loves you, calms you, sings over you – and is mighty to save you.

. . .

Happy, happy weekend to you.

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