Exactly 150 words on HURRY (because you’re probably in one)

Our eldest son slept in his school uniform on Wednesday night. Murray was taking him for a before-school very-early special-Dad-date breakfast at 6-30 on Thursday morning.

He wanted to be ready for his father.

Some mornings, our boys are not ready. They faff. They play, sing, climb, dance, throw, laugh and chat. They don’t eat, brush, dress, wash, comb, pack and hurry.


And we rev through irritated traffic and slide through school gates seconds before they slam.

On Thursday morning, Cameron didn’t hurry, because he was focused on a greater goal than usual.

It made me think about how, if we want to do life and relationships and callings and chaos centred on Christ? Dallas Willard would urge us to –

Ruthlessly eliminate hurry.

And Marcus Aurelius would recommend,

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one!

Here’s to finishing the year strong, and unhurried.

. . .

Happy weekend to you, friend! If you’ve already tripped over November because you’re in too much of a hurry (ask me how I know), there’s time to turn it around.

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