If you’re *fragile* this November | 199 words

There aren’t supposed to be glass beaches in the world.

Before we all went properly Greta Thunberg (as we all properly should be), folks dumped glass junk offshore and for decades waves thumped and washed and pounded it all into smooth pebbles.

Incredibly beautiful, tourist-attracting, beaches full of shimmering nuggets.

glass beach.jpg

Glass beaches are rubbish-meets-redemption.

Like us.

So I’ll be to praying for you every day this month.

If your windows of opportunity haven’t just closed, they’ve been shattered –

If you’ve spent the year hiding behind the cracked and tinted glass of I’m-Fine-Everything’s-Great –

If your already brittle life has been smashed by someone else and in picking up the serrated edges of all-you’ve-got-left you’ve become lethal to others –

If you’ve tried to break through a glass ceiling and the shards have cut and stuck –

I pray the waves of God’s Word would wash over your broken bits and make a glass beach of you. I pray that, come Christmas, each jagged point of pain would be turned to smooth iridescence.

When others come across all that jewellery-standard, light-reflecting, crown-adorning wonder I pray they’d know the old is gone. New life has begun. And it’s Christ in you – the hope of glory.

. . .

Wishing you the BEST weekend, friend. Go Bokke!

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  1. Thank you so much for this message today! My husband and I have gone through an amazing time, of prayer, fasting and simply putting our prayer requests at His feet… and the transformation has been amazing! Not only noticing what we have already got, but how we see God’s hand in our lives, make us want to praise and honor Him more!!! Your prayers will definitely help during this time for us! As we watch how faithfully we turn into glass pebbles! To be beautiful for Him!


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