10 Honest Questions to Keep it Real

#1  Will I choose the immediate (pudding) or the ultimate (bikini body)? (A girl can dream.)

#2  As long as I’m trying to prove myself, I’ll never be free. To whom am I still trying to prove myself? 

#3  In our home, what’s the win? Is it to be first, or kind? Is it to beat everyone, or is to be brave?


#4  Am I going to do what I want to do, or what I’ll be glad I did when I look back on today?

#5  Am I stuck – or am I waiting? (Stuck means motionless. Waiting means time to be useful.)

#6  (One for the single men, just because it’s Women’s Day weekend:) Are you intimidated, or impressed, by strong women? Are you afraid of their confidence, or your commitment?


#7  Would God agree with me on everything I believe about myself?

#8  What will today look like if I lash out? What will today look like if I lean in and love?


#9  Perfectionism is the belief that something is broken (me). Where am I going for my fix?

#10  Grace without truth isn’t really gracious. Truth without grace isn’t really truth. Can I land my doctrine and my decisions dead-centre?


. . .

Happy weekend!

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