BULLY: Mind If I Pray For You?

Heavenly Father,

You watched your own Son being bullied. You let Him endure it. He offered to endure it.

For us.

For those who knew not what they were doing, and for those who totally did.

God, we pray for the bullies.

Set them free from the shame and insecurity that snaps at their heels and light up for them the path that leads to You, where they’ll find the love they long for. Surround them. Sing over them. Save them.

Help them kick off their shoes to stand for a moment on holy ground.

Then help them put on the shoes of another. Help them feel between their toes and right up to their softening hearts and deep into their mind’s eye how the world comes at the person they threaten, tease or despise.


God, we pray for the bullied.

Don’t let them right the wrong by becoming bullies too.

Rather, protect them with the shield of faith. Fight for them, while they stay calm. Be the source of their joy. Lift up their heads. Make them certain and strong in all their steps as they follow You into brave and splendid adventure.

Remind them that their agenda to get even died with You on the cross. But still, they’re nobody’s pushover. Remind them, as Emily P. Freeman says, ‘Ego feels pushy and afraid. Calling feels kind and free.’

Give them the burning coals of brilliant ideas, words and ways to show great love and sincere kindness to the bullies, the way You did.

And God, when we secretly fantasize about breaking another kid’s kneecaps, help us instead to fall to our own scarred knees, teaching our kids how to fight fire with faith. Strengthen us to keep on parenting towards the future, calling out character in our kids as they dig deep for the treasures You’ve put inside.

Jesus, thank You so much that Your blood was enough for all the world’s wickedness, and ours.


. . .

Celebrating the weekend with you, friend! Have a good one.

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