Things that happened in the dark

Nine days without electricity can make the cheese slide right off my cracker.

I’m fairly ashamed of me. Because when I get to sign a book, I often write:

May His joy be your strength for the journey.

I write it because I mean it and wish it and pray it, for the reader, with all my heart.

But when all I could accomplish in a day was (1) keep my kids alive and (2) find a friend to charge my phone – I didn’t feel strong or joyful or victorious or like all my hope was in Jesus despite crappy circumstances. I felt anxious, afraid and angry and I snapped at my humans more than they deserved.

Which made me realize (again) (#slowlearner) that I need to fling myself on the mercy of God, all the time every day without stopping when the lights are on and when the lights are off because that’s how to keep the real lights burning bright.

I realized again how much I need to plug in to the free-for-all super-charged resource of prayer.

So I’m *PARTICULARLY EXCITED* that Prayers for a Mom’s Heart is releasing in the next couple of weeks! It’s a beautiful, handbag-sized companion. 105 prayers covering seven big arenas of parenting. And today – from my fully charged laptop – I just wanted to share some of the opening pages with you…

pages 4.jpg

pages 2.jpgpages 3.jpgpages 1.jpg

You can pre-order HERE.


(Grateful to Christian Art Publishers for these pre-release tasters.)

. . .

Happy weekend to you!

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  1. Thanks for making me laugh aloud this morning (the cheese sliding right off your cracker.) and your message of joy after that. I am a granny and still struggling to have joy in all circumstances. Be blessed!!!

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