How to feast and not get fat this festive season: 20 small ideas

[After some response to last week’s post, I thought I’d re-share this from the archives]

Embarrassingly, we all know things can get wild on the food front, close to Christmas. None of us is above scoffing gluttony and its side dish of sickly guilt.

We eat far too much in the name of celebrating Someone millions don’t know about yet.

We eat far too much when millions eat nothing.

Really, we just eat far too much.


Then again, it’s Christmas and God commands feasting and He invented butter and cranberries and bacon and we need to do that thing.

So I’m thinking about ways to enjoy God, serve others and savour the flavour of this delicious season:

#1   Banting schmanting. God created carbs, and He said they were very good.

#2   If you can, determine to give away at least half your body weight, in food and stuff, to those less fortunate, before Christmas.

#3   E a t.   S l o w l y.

#4   Take small scoops – small bites – in between BIG conversation – BIG love – BIG joy!

#5   Pray for buffet discernment. Take a little of the mysterious gelatinous pudding in case it’s awful. If it’s incredible, go back for more.

#6   Let others go first (unless it’s super awkward because everyone’s being polite and saying no-no-after-you in which case be the brave breaker of the ice).

#7   No one is really concerned about what you have on your plate. They’re too involved with what’s on their own.

#8   If they are concerned about what you have on your plate – and they think you don’t have enough – be as congenial as possible, but remember that offence is taken, not given. Seriously, No-thank-you-I’ve-had-enough never got anyone written out of a will.

#9   Love never fails. Love is never a flop. (Even if your Christmas cake is.) Stop. Stressing.

#10   Pace yourself. If you know they’ve killed the fatted calf for the staff lunch, don’t supersize your breakfast.


#11   Always give someone else the best slice.

#12   You’re probably not the most beautiful version of you while drowning your dinner in gravy or heaping enormous heapings of the chocolate mousse.

#13   When it comes to the kids, make the food magical and celebratory and not compulsory.

#14   Every time you shop between now and Christmas, add food items to your grocery list with the intention of buying them for someone who needs the calories more than you do.

#15   If you tend to gain unwanted weight this time of year, step on the scale every day. Not to be obsessive or because your weight defines you, but just to keep an eye on the ups and downs. And if the ups are getting upper, you’ll know to eat less and move more.

#16   Consider how much food you’d love to spoon onto your plate – then halve it. Again, you can always go back for more.

#17   But before you push back your chair for a refill: make it your mission to chat to every person at the table.

#18   If Quality Streets are your thing, eat six of them. Eat eleven! Just don’t get stuck into the mince pies as well. And lay off the shortbread if you’ve already had ice-cream seconds. And so on and so forth.

#19   When you’re sitting around eating Christmassy things, pray that Jesus would always lead the conversation back to Himself.

#20   Food isn’t the only way to celebrate. Get creative.

Here’s to tasting every Christmas moment.

. . .

Happy weekend! Please share this post with your people.

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