Because you’re stuck (and unstuck) by grace

I love maps almost as much as I love travel.

Maps trace possibility. They connect the dots of flight paths and social media networks. They move us via trains, planes and Google Earth. Maps remind me that there’s adventure to chart. History to unearth. A future to discover.

2017-02-24 16.27.13.jpg

2017-02-23 18.25.35.jpg

Maps unstick me from thinking small and free me to live large.

And maps remind me of gravity – the great equalizer that holds us all down. Developed and developing nations, the rich and the refugee: no one’s floating away.

Gravity sticks us to this planet and there’s enough of it for all of us.

2017-02-24 12.53.11.jpg


So when I cleared out some bookshelves and uncovered wads of folded maps from the backpacking I did in my twenty-somethings, I gave those maps to my boys. They wallpapered their room from Malawi to Israel, Canada to Scotland, and they were spellbound.

It felt good to gift them with a sense of context. I want them to grow up grounded by gravity – placed – and set free by possibility – called.

2017-02-24 08.58.21.jpg

2017-02-23 18.32.55.jpg

But the truth about being placed and called goes way beyond where we are and where we might go. We’re placed and called – stuck and unstuck – by grace.

It’s grace more than gravity that holds you in your God-designed on-purpose context. And grace is sufficient for you to stick it out where you are and fight the FOMO when sensational stuff is going down in places that are big trendy dots on maps where you don’t live.

Grace sustains you where God wants you.

Grace keeps you supplied and secure.

It sticks you.

Of course, stuck may be exactly what you don’t want to be. You don’t want to be stuck in your circumstances, not getting the mobility or the ministry or the momentum you crave. You don’t want to be stuck in the spin cycle of kids and crazy, dinner and deadlines and too often being too tired for sex. –> READ ON

Honoured today to be guest posting across the Atlantic, at Katie M. Reid’s place.

Head over here to carry on reading…

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. . .

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This devotional is for women of every age and stage of life, because we’re never too old to start leaning into our calling and never too young to have already glimpsed something of God’s destiny for us. I’m praying that Walking in Grace will offer you the grit and the grace to keep on being brave enough to use your time, gifts, capacity and unique areas of influence to live a story that shouts about God’s splendour.

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  1. Thank you again for touching my heart with your words,Dalene – what a wonderful gift God has given you to move people with your writing – God bless you and your family and multiply your talents xx


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