For November-ish You: There’s Enough Time Today to Do God’s Will

[Adapted from the archives, to help you-and-me-both survive the crazy.]

Dear overwhelmed, end-of-year you

You’re nobody special. Me neither. What a marvellous relief.

Because not for you, not for me, not for anybody anywhere does God make plans that we don’t have time to live.

You don’t get any more minutes than those allotted to your one beating heart. You don’t get any overtime, because you don’t need it. There is enough time each day to do God’s will.


Except, that doesn’t feel true, in November.

Like, I trawled through pre-loved clothes at the school thrift shop last week because next year we’ll have two boys in proper uniform. I know that when my littlest laces up his first black school shoes come January, things will never be the same. He was a baby five minutes ago and it’s all slipping through my fingers like the Abba song and it makes me a little panicky and sad and I have to remind myself, We Have Had Enough Time for this past leg of the journey. We Will Have Enough Time for the next.

2016-11-16 13.31.47.jpg

I don’t know where you find yourself at the end of this year of widespread global lunacy.

Maybe the bar’s been raised and you wonder if you’ve got what it takes? Don’t be afraid. There’s Enough Time to figure things out.

Maybe standards have dropped and you wonder if it’s all unravelling. Don’t be afraid. There’s Enough Time to listen for how God might use you in the mess.

Maybe you feel threatened by the same people who feel threatened by you. Don’t be afraid. There’s always Enough Time to be kind, and to remember that you, and they, are loved enough.

Maybe there’s not enough rain, not enough money and not nearly enough sanity to make the world go round. Don’t be afraid. Our Creator-King – the great Deliverer – is cosmically punctual: working unceasingly and magnificently. There are enough sparrows in the world, and not one of them drops dead without His say-so.

Maybe you’re diving back into all the regular fast-flowing currents of another week of real life where shirts don’t iron themselves and someone needs to figure out the fish fingers and the FutureLife and there are deadlines and headlines and heroes to raise in a wrecked world. Don’t be afraid.

There Is Enough Time.

We all make time for the things that are important to us. The slices of our twenty-four-hour pie charts tell the world all there is to know about our priorities.


Truth is, it’s possible to carve out minutes that let the people in your day spill their stories. There’s enough time to make beds make food make do make up make love.

There’s enough time to make texting and driving two separate events.

There’s enough time to sit still in the presence of Jesus, where you’ll find enough wisdom to know how to spend – not waste – your just-enough time.

At the end of this week, there will even be enough time to Stop. Rest. Celebrate all that surrounds you and say, it is so very good, and more than that: it is enough.


God is inside of time and outside of time at the same time, fastening all the strands of happened and happening history into the grand plot – the magnum opus that is His Kingdom and His glory. He has made enough time for the story you’re living.

He’s also your Provider. You don’t need to horde time or money or things or food or attention or acceptance. God’s saving grace is enough. You have enough. You are enough. By that same grace, you’ll get to do enough.

And always, there is hope enough.

Sending you much love.

. . .

Thanks for taking time to hang out here!

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