TEN quick TIPS I’m giving myself about being a PARENT

This is just me, preaching it to the mirror. You can tweet all of these, if you’re a tweeter. Or stick them on Facebook or the fridge.

1. Reality check: Your parents didn’t know what they were doing either, and you turned out ok. #Relax (Click to tweet.)


2. Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child. Strong character on rough roads trumps spineless whiner on smooth tar, every time. #QualityKids (Click to tweet.)


3. When people share concerns about your child? It’s information, not regulation. Listen. Process. Decide. #DontFreakOut (Click to tweet.)


4. Overachieving parents make overanxious kids. ‘Try hard! Have fun! Love you!’ That’s all they need to hear. #DontBeThatMom (Click to tweet.)


5. Tough love is way simpler when the stakes are low. NO to Niknaks now is easier than NO to nightclubs later. #BeStrong (Click to tweet.)


6. Parenthood is the daily exhaustion of savouring furious blessings. You are measurelessly rich. #Enjoy (Click to tweet.)


7. Don’t give up on parenting them until your Heavenly Father gives up on parenting you. #RelentlessLove (Click to tweet.)


8. Parenting is not an emergency, or a spectator sport, or a thankless duty. Savour the slow moments that only God sees. Your reward is great. #GloryOfTheHiddenLife (Click to tweet.)


9. Are you fun to live with? Your kids don’t just need a good mom; they need a happy one. #FindYourSmile (Click to tweet.)


10. You are God’s best for your kids. That’s why He picked you. Are you worthy, or up to the task? Of course not. Thank God for grace. #Hope (Click to tweet.)


. . .

I’d love some tweetable advice from you. Got a gem to share with us?

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