A Mother’s Day GIFT for you or a mom you love [*FREE!*] Because we can change the world

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I figured I couldn’t be the only one who felt this way?

Desperate for my kids to become everything God created them to be, owning their potential and living their days well, for the fame of His Name in their generation and the next. I figured there must be other moms who know they can’t do it alone because God is shaping destinies under your roof and it’s difficult and devastating and the most beautiful thing you’ll ever do and your heart will get ripped out happy and whole. Over. And. Over.

So a while back I wrote a month of prayers for you, friend. (And for me.) You can clutch one close day-in-day-out, every month of the year.

You can download this free eBook anytime right here. I’m just reminding you about it today, because the world is celebrating mothers this week. If you haven’t checked it out – in a while, or at all – please grab a copy. And share it with the moms you know and love, on Facetube or wherever you hang out.

Shall we do this thing? Start the revolution? Change the world?

. . .

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Photo credit: Irene Leisewitz

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