2013-things-of-thanks | Week 28

So I thought I’d try giving thanks this week for the difficult things because if Paul says, ‘Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus’ (1 Thessalonians 5:18) – then, shouldn’t we?

39 things:


1054 Boys calling me when I’ve just sat down to do something – the wonder of having small people who love and need me

1055 Murray getting home from the USA a day later than we anticipated because, like, we totally got his flight times all messed up – teaching me humility –

1056 And what a difference a day makes when you’re missing someone wonderful

1057 Arriving at the wrong address for a party because I didn’t read the invitation – more humility

1058 Packing in a flask and milk for a play date in the park but forgetting the teabags which I said I would bring and having to go and ask at the park’s coffee shop for two teabags – more humility

1059 Cam’s boundary testing and inquisitions – teaching me patience

1060 Not getting the sympathy I was hoping for – reminding me rather to take it to God

1061 A difficult theological conversation where I backed down – kind of spineless – convicting me to be courageous

1062 Scott on the loo – straining red with the effort – and coaxing himself (or his poo?), ‘Come on, dude!’

1063 Not being picked – a chance to lean hard into God who sees and knows it all

1064 Scott spilling milk in his bed – good opportunity to air his mattress in the sun

1065 A difficult week of parenting – forcing us into the prayer trenches

1066 Murray plunging straight back into the pressures and stresses of work – reminding me that he has a job and provides

1067 Headaches – reminding me to be grateful for times when I don’t have them

1068 Muddy paw prints through the house – grateful we have tiles not carpets

1069 Marc back in hospital – stage set for God’s glory manifested in an extraordinary and beloved family

1070 Lola figuring out how to open her dog biscuit supply – at least God made her clever

1071 A blocked drain and getting to watch caustic soda work its magic – marvelling at chemistry

1072 Bitter-sweet – a couple leaving our cell group to start another

1073 Eventually finding a priceless email by wading through the putrid spam folder

1074 Murray home late – because he stopped to buy us Smarties

1080 Petrol price hike – forcing my thoughts to the God who knows all the oil reserves in the deep

1081 Tipping out the toy crates and still not finding Cam’s fireman axe – but finding all sorts of other treasures

1082 Websites that load slowly – time to pray for discernment

1083 Murray’s gran undergoing chemotherapy this week – the peace that comes with taking each ‘next step’

1084 People pronouncing my name wrong – again, humility; and reminding me to be the rose that by any other name would smell as sweet

1085 Wrinkles – because I laugh a lot

1086 Freezing, grey day – perfect for my red coat and making me feel all Chocolat and like ‘the clever north wind’ might blow us anywhere

1087 Buying gifts and feeling self-conscious about how they’ll be received – opportunity for plunge-taking

1088 Grateful my boys are at an age where, if I were to shake them, it’s less likely that I would cause brain damage. I’m kidding. Sort of.

1089 Snot in my hair and on my cheeks from Scott’s hugs and smooches

1090 Coffee stains on our duvet from the beginnings of hundreds of days together

1091 Hitting ‘publish’ and sending a post into the silent ethers – remembering God’s words never return empty

1092 A new week of new mercies



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