2013-things-of-thanks | Week 27

Thanks for tracking with me as I count a couple thousand of God’s over-countably un-countable gifts of goodness and growth. If you’re wondering why I’m not doing much other blogging – I’m working on a book that will be out on Amazon later this year, DV. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Here are this week’s 39 things:

1015 Murray home tomorrow

1016 Lachlan and Analia McIntosh, at last

1017 Julian and Ena and Mamelodi for a month

1018 Skype chats with Murray –

1019 And hearing American birds in the background – no accent

1020 Plasticland

1021 When the boys don’t sleep in the day and fall asleep quickly at night

1022 Promise of presents – yay!

1023 Salt and vinegar chips

1024 Smell of plaster

1025 An evening alone to tidy out the Tupperware drawer (because I’m a freak)

1026 Text from Shae about paint in the carpet

1027 Boys playing dolls

1028 Alarm jingle on my new phone – so un-alarming

1029 Meeting new moms at a party

1030 Hope when I think about the bushveld

1031 Jo – mother of almost-four – radiant

1032 My world in Dropbox when I’m stranded and need it

1033 All veggies eaten and thanks offered and plates carried to the sink and there’s pinch-myself delight in these little men

1034 Drakensberg Boys’ Choir CD borrowed from my Dad – so lovely

1035 Cammy begging for one more Bible story just one more please please please

1036 Welsh rarebit and toast with the boys, Samantha and Annabelle

1037 And more toast, catching up with Talia

1038 A Sunday of bunking in our pj’s

1039 ‘If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.’ – Sir Ken Robinson

1040 Getting angry over poor service and apathy, and taking it to God

1041 Getting scared about putting down big-house roots, and taking it to God

1042 Remembering my roots are in God’s plans for us and he will root and uproot in perfect love, wisdom and power

1043 Lola missing Murray and sulking in the blow-up boat

1044 Jik

1045 Scott packing away chairs without being asked

1046 Not having to entertain the boys much – animated, imaginative brother-play

1047 Jeff Goins

1048 Noisy party blowers

1049 Working on a post for Brett Fish about Aslan

1050 Dead trees cut down

1051 Cam’s spontaneous, passionate piano banging

1052 Stuff to give away

1053 Faithfulness


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