2013-things-of-thanks | Week 29

Usually I schedule these posts ahead of time for Monday 8:00am GMT+2. Except for today. I have about 39 minutes to give thanks for 39 things so here goes:


1093 Socks

1094 Shoes

1095 Breakfast cereals

1096 A new school term starting

1097 Autocorrect (sometimes)

1098 Gas for the heaters

1099 St Petersburg Ballet Theatre performing Swan Lake last night at Monte Casino

1100 Human bodies that can bend and prance and spin and lift in superhuman ways –

1101 And speak Russian

1102 Feathers

1103 Pens

1104 Sound of a printer about to print something

1105 Sound of an ATM about to spit out cash

1106 Sound of wind rattling windows

1107 Flash drives

1108 Plastic sleeves

1109 Hot water bottles

1110 Velcro

1111 An American student staying in our loft for the week

1112 Cam sitting in the pizza dough to see what kind of an imprint his corduroy pants would leave –

1113 And the American student deciding it was still ok to stay with us

1114 My Mom making Superman capes for the boys

1115 Forgiveness at the end of an awful, cranky day

1116 Picnic at the Botanical Gardens

1117 Kids playing happy and filthy in sludgy ponds

1118 Paté

1119 Back-to-school haircuts for the boys

1120 Underlined verses

1121 Daniel Day-Lewis playing Lincoln

1122 Murray taking the boys to Spar to buy flowers and mozzarella cheese

1123 Listening to the talk of different generations around one table

1124 Casting burdens – again and again

1125 Praying through the prospect of a crazy busy week

1126 A mild winter

1127 God’s timing

1128 Tape measures

1129 Cam’s kite, fixed

1130 Reigning in the fear and gathering perspective

1131 History



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