2013-things-of-thanks: Week 12

Check out the challenge. Here are 39 things I’m saying thank you for this week. And I’ll be praying that God would continue to open your eyes to the blessings.

430 Shallow pool at the park

431 Plasters for brave boys who trip and fall

432 Whatsapp video from Trace

433 Hot day for swimming

434 Terry doing 39-things-of-thanks Week 11

435 People on the seventh floor of the Theo van Wyk building at UNISA

436 Coffee with Stephen Finn

437 Exhaustion headache – ‘cause I’ve lived fully

438 Cam’s ‘smart work shirt’ with pockets for his pens and things

439 Scott’s ‘thank you mommy’ in the middle of the night

440 Email from an old friend on a ship in the middle of the sea

441 Early morning breakfast table setting when the whole house is sleeping

442 Family tea at the Ferreiras

443 Cam’s Term 1 report

444 Old, familiar, reliable cars

445 Tick of the kitchen clock

446 Matthew Henry’s commentary on the Bible

447 Scheduling blog posts in advance so that they will arrive in people’s inboxes while I am on the beach

448 Anticipation of tea with Shirl

449 And then, tea with Shirl

450 Cam promoted to next swimming class

451 Some marketing work for Stephen’s book – pushing my comfort zone boundaries

452 Hearing about an amazing International Boys School Coalition conference at St Alban’s

453 A reminder from John Acuff: Don’t compare your beginning or middle, to someone else’s end

454 Being part of the Grade 9 relationship training seminar at HCS

455 Scott pointing to our painting of Nature’s Valley: ‘My sea! My beach! My eat ice-creams!’

456 Aromatic candles in pokey gift shops

457 Discovering a new mall

458 Remembering a mall is a mall is a mall

459 Being outside

460 God’s promise of wisdom in James 1

461 The way Murray always remembers the waiter’s name and makes a point of using it

462 Spontaneous date at Pascali’s

463 Vouchers to spend

464 Scott’s joy dance / toyi-toyi

465 Easter holidays

466 Duvets

467 Croissants

468 Unsolved mysteries



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