2013-things-of-thanks: Week 13: PASSION

If there’s one week in the year when every Christ-follower should look up from the sludge of life and bask in eucharisteo, it’s this one. As you celebrate how the suffering of Jesus set you free, open your heart-eyes to his mercies, new every morning for this world, new every morning for you.

Oh God, thank you,

469 That you were pleased to crush him

470 That Jesus was obedient even to death

471 That by his stripes we are healed

472 That even in his agony he had compassion

473 That we are free indeed

474 That he understands our suffering and temptation

475 That the tomb is empty

476 That death has lost its sting

477 That he nailed our filth to the cross

478 That when this blink-of-the-eye life is done we will spend eternity with him

And, thank you for,

479 Easter eggs

480 Cushions

481 The lagoon at dusk

482 Waves crashing in the dark

483 Smell of beach cottage mustiness

484 Old blankets

485 Hot-cross buns for breakfast

486 Lola wet – sandy – elated

487 Frontline

488 ADT

489 Engen One-Stops

490 Data bundles

491 Microwave bean-bag for sore muscles

492 Boys’ bikes

493 Murray riding through forests

494 Farm at the top of the pass

495 Calves

496 Milking sheds

497 Family holiday: Us Four No More

498 Long grass

499 Baboons

500 Bush buck shy at dawn

501 Low tide

502 High tide

503 Days that stretch unfilled

504 Puncture repair kits

505 New plans

506 Books on the couch

507 Restoration


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