Guest posting today for Bruce’s Brews: Advent

Bruce Collins is running a string of posts over the next month of this festive season. I’m super chuffed to be kicking things off with the first guest post of the series.

Lights in our windows

We live on top of a hill in a little house we love. It’s got big street-facing windows, upstairs and down. In November we hang lights around the burglar bars and suddenly the world is magical.

We hope each year that the rest of the street will catch the fever and do Christmassy things to their windows, too. But it’s counterintuitive in a carbon footprint sort of way. We faithfully recycle every scrap of paper-glass-tin-plastic – very vogue in our street – but then we burn lights all night two months of the year. Maybe that’s why our Christmas vibe hasn’t caught on. Maybe the rest of the street thinks we’re weird. Even irresponsible. Ridiculous. Extravagant. Lavish.

And maybe they’re right.

Read the rest of the post here.


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