You have my word: Grace

So I’m guest posting again today, this time for Shae Bloem on You have my word. She’s running a series on Grace. Hectic stuff, seriously.

Hearing in the dark

God begins to shape her baby’s ears in the darkness. She doesn’t even know yet – that life throbs in her. Cells split multiply split multiply split multiply.

By now she knows and thrills with pride and panic and happy nausea at the inner mystery workings though she can’t see how He is moulding the little folds in their just-so position, their just-so shape. And as she grows big with hope the little ears in the hushed sanctuary swallow her soft diluted voice. Love and confidence trace tiny brain paths. Peace pulses into the foetal soul. He’ll know his Mommy when he hears her.

The inevitable debut dawns.

Read the post here.

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