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Here’s the foreword I wrote for Blaine Vorster’s book, Faith to Move to the Mountains. Get it now on Amazon! (It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!) Simply the most beautiful and inspiring read.

Bob Goff was once asked to write his autobiography in only six words. He wrote, ‘What if we were less afraid?’ These same six words are perhaps an apt summary of Blaine Vorster’s magnificent telling of the faith journey he and his family undertook in less than a decade.

Blaine used to pastor my kids at Hatfield Christian School. They would regularly climb into the car at the end of a school day, and our ride home would consist of them regaling me with hilarious anecdotes from that morning’s chapel service. I got to know the gentle, thoughtful, serious side of Blaine when we were both part of a team facilitating a relationship training seminar for teenagers. I was blown away by his kindness and humility. Little did I know, as I listened to him navigate the most controversial of topics with theological discretion, grace and wisdom way beyond his years, that he and Olivia were living through much of the trauma and triumph recorded in this book.

Blaine is a fantastic storyteller. He writes with engaging honesty, humour, and authenticity about learning to trust God despite uncertainty, setbacks, and pain. He doesn’t play down the suffering inevitably part of life in a broken world. Rather, he offers us, his readers, clarity, freedom, and an inspiring perspective on the ways God lovingly and rigorously works out His purposes in us and through us.

Faith to Move to the Mountains will show you the beauty, simplicity and effectiveness of lives surrendered entirely to Jesus. Most of all, it will show you the Father, which, as Philip said, is enough (John 14:8). You won’t be able to put this book down until it’s done, but when you do, you’ll find it’s put faith and fire in your heart.

Grab a copy of Faith to Move to the Mountains here – or connect with Blaine and Olivia at

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