SUIT UP | Dress your kids in God’s armour

[From the archives]

God –

This is my bulletproof prayer for the kids breathing deep and slow in beds down our passage.

You’re the Great Maker of muscles, molecules, stars and strength:

Make our small humans God-strong.

Flesh out their little with Your big. Help them receive – and rest easy in – Your might – walking tall in Your wondrous ways. (Ephesians 6:10)

Clothe our kids in Your safe chainmail.

Cover and comfort them with firm freedom from mean schemes meant to unravel their security. (6:11)

Give us wisdom for what our kids are up against. Because there are those on earth and elsewhere who don’t want to see your Kingdom come, in this generation or the next. (6:12)

Jesus, Your redemption put our kids on the winning side. No matter how often they get benched or red-carded: when the final whistle blows they’ll be doing Your victory dance. But don’t let them dance with a limp. Don’t let them get proud or complacent about Your conquest on their behalf. (6:13)

I pray You’d snug-fit truth around our kids’ waists so they’d feel wrapped: sturdy and stable.

Measure them up, and tailor-make the seamless ninja-suits of Your righteousness. (6:14)

Father, You made our kids’ feet, and You know where they’ll walk. Let Your peace cushion their footfalls like so much Nike Air and soft gospel freedom. Prepare them to run anywhere – for the doing of anything – for the glory of You. (6:15)

Help our kids clutch faith close – deflecting enemy lies and lures and allegations. (6:16)

Oh God, safety first! Keep our kids helmeted by Your strong salvation as they peddle it out up and down the steep slopes and valleys of life. And lend them grace and force to brandish the Word-Sword in love – not anger or arrogance. (6:17)

Thank You, good Father, for hearing my imperfect prayers for my imperfect kid-saints as I weave between traffic and to-dos and worry in the too-quiet dark hours before dawn.

I’m so very grateful these kids are Yours before they’re mine.

I pray all this in the matchless Name of Jesus – who always had the time of day for the littles –


. . .

Have the most wonderful August-y weekend!

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