Can I tell you about a book I wrote for you (and me)?

I want to tell you about the novel I wrote during lockdown, which is set to be released on

14 JULY 2020!

It’s called Breathe Between the Lines and, God willing, you’ll be able to grab yourself a paperback, eBook, or audiobook.

Watch this space so I can let you know when and where it all goes live!

Breath-Twitter2Because we find ourselves in strange, breathless days. Too many are battling to breathe financially or relationally. Some are even denied the universal right to breathe at all (for 8 minutes and 46 seconds).

And maybe all this has knocked the oxygen right out of your world view. Maybe, as you breathe behind a mask, you’re left wondering what you believe, and why, and whether it’s all worth it, because #icantbreathe.

So, this novel isn’t cheddar-flavoured. It’s a little bit PG-13.

It’s a story about finding the breath we need to tell our individual stories – of which we’re never the main characters because we’re all just on the periphery of a deeper, wider story that extends far beyond the boundaries of our small selves, and into eternity. Or as Lecrae puts it, we’re just ‘a trail of stardust leading to the Superstar.’

It’s a story about how our bodies carry stories too, and how we need to name and grieve our losses and disappointments, to move on with fearless faith.

It’s a story full of characters you will recognize, love, carry and keep with you.

It’s a love story.

It’s a story that will encourage you, as one character says, to ‘keep doing the next right thing – even if that just means taking the next deep breath. Travel light. Don’t be afraid to walk off the map. The view is always better from the road less travelled – and life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.’

It’s a story about how the living lines of God-breathed Scripture inform our journeys, and how His breath-taking sovereignty orchestrates our transformation.

It’s a story about how today is as good a day as any, to push the reset button.

And it’s a story that might just set you free, and give you hope.

My sincerest prayer is that it will advance God’s Kingdom and point to His glory.

I can’t wait to share it with you.

cover BBTL FB

. . .

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  1. Your book sounds amazing, Dalene!
    And as with everything you write, I can’t wait to read it. In fact I’m waiting breathlessly. 😊


  2. Hi Dee

    So exciting….just wanted to say I can’t wait to read this book!… God blessssss you.

    Much love Ali xx


  3. I can’t wait. I was doing Lenae (so) and Christien’s breath exercises a few minutes ago as I have realised how shallow my breathing is owing to deep anxiety during this time. I love the title and know I’m going to love the book.

    Liked by 1 person

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