7 days of community PRAYER

Even if we can’t hug and hang out, let’s pray.

Here’s a printable version of these prayers– to share with your people or stick on the fridge.

Day 1 – thanksgiving

Sovereign God, You’re perfect in power, perfect in wisdom, perfect in love. Thank You that nothing touches our lives without first passing through Your hands. Thank You that we can rest in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91). Thank You for social media and cell phones that keep us connected and communicating. Thank You that the walls of our world village have come down as we face this pandemic together. Thank You that You’ve called us for such a time as this, and there’s grace for the crazy journey we’re on.

Day 2 – leaders

King of kings, You invented leadership, and Your Son was the greatest leader of all. We pray for governments across the globe, and for leaders of cities, schools, families and every organisation and institution of society. Give leaders extraordinary discernment, wisdom, and courage to do the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. And where the buck stops with us, let it not be said that we buckled under panic. Make heroes of us all.

Day 3 – vulnerable people

Lord, expose those who are exploiting the weak and the worried, for financial or other gain. Heal the sick. Comfort the elderly. Protect the compromised. A virus infects the poor and the privileged, and You died for both. Thank You that we can all come boldly to Your throne and ask for help (Hebrews 4). Thank You that nameless masses are never nameless to You. You see every vulnerable person on the planet, and You are Emmanuel – God with us.


Day 4 – provision

Jehovah Jireh, please provide hospital beds, test kits and tireless resolve to medical practitioners. Provide for the service industry and for business owners. Give us fantastic, creative ideas to keep an economy afloat. Do a loaves-and-fish miracle with the time and resources of working parents with school-going, home-staying kids. Keep us soft-hearted and open-handed, living and loving generously.

Day 5 – love

Lord of love, give us practical ways of showing Your mercy and compassion. Show us what love requires of us. Give us fresh channels for keeping in touch. Even if we’re not fluent in words of affirmation, let this time of texting and calling grow that gift in us all. And keep us from shrinking back in fear when a neighbour needs our hands-on help.

Day 6 – families

Father, where life as we know it has been cancelled and our regular, relentless pace has slowed, help us use our time intentionally to build our families. Show us foundational instability that needs bolstering. Set new dreams aflame. Give us unhurried moments to listen and lean in tenderly. Let laughter spill from our homes into our streets. Let our windows light up the world.

Day 7 – the church

Jesus, You said You’d build Your church. Thank You for reminding us You don’t need our plans and programmes to do it. Your church has always grown during times of peril or persecution, and we trust You, strong Saviour, to mobilize Your movement across the world. Use us, any way You choose, and take Your glory. Your Kingdom come. Your will be done.

We pray all this in Your name, Jesus.


. . .

Please share these prayers with people your love.

You can get in touch here or on Twitter, Instagram, or our Facebook community page.

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