A wake-up prayer to slow us down

Jesus – Lord of space and seasons and all eternity –

Slow me down.

Slow me down into the very tick of this second and remind me to breathe.

You taught us how to take time out from life’s clamour and crowds to be with the Father. I desperately need your help today because the world is in a big rush, and so am I.

Help me to do one thing at a time, and to do it with calm, steady excellence. Help me pace myself from sunrise – so those I love most don’t get the worst of me come sunset.

I repent of my Messiah Complex – the ridiculous idea that Things Fall Apart without me – that it’s up to me to save the day (when You already saved it). I know You’ve created me-shaped gaps in this world that only I can fill. But stop me from trying to fill all the gaps.

I give you my devices.

Use them in my life only for Your glory. Give me wisdom and intentionality about setting phone reminders to pause and pray.

Give me the strength and discipline to put my screens to bed early, long before I put myself to bed – and to let them sleep in a bit, in the morning, while I greet the dogs, and the day, and my family, and You.


Remind me that life is not an emergency – that community is not a competition. Un-hurry me, because love and hurry – peace and hurry – hearing Your voice and hurry – aren’t compatible.

Open my eyes to the bits of beauty You’ve poured into the lovely crevices of this day. I want to stop – sip – smile.

Remind me today that Your presence – not my performance – is the prize of life. Just keep me faithful – and let the fruit come, as and when and as abundantly as You choose.

I cast all my burdens on You, Jesus, because they are too heavy for me and I want to travel light.

Take my life and let it be, ever only all for Thee.


. . .

Wishing you a happy, un-hurried weekend!

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  1. The more you lean into God the more you realise the importance of creating more time to spend with Him in His word and in prayer . . .
    How else will God be able to enlighten what is dark in us; strengthen what is weak in us; mend what is broken in us; heal what is sick in us, and revive whatever peace and love has died in us?


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