Don’t Give Up on Your Calling [in EXACTLY 200 WORDS]

Dear friend about to give up –

You’re tired, confused, frustrated. But –

Your calling is all about God’s big steps, and your small steps.

The footfalls of the Father tread on our timeline as enormous and eternal and unencumbered. We can’t always see where next He’ll step. We just know that, when He does, it will shake the earth. He can do anything, anywhere, anytime. He can prepare and promote anyone, anywhere, anytime. He has mentioned you by name and mobilized you for a purpose and that purpose can’t be thwarted (Job 42:2). The dreams birthed in your heart – He’s not slow to make them come true. He’s just unhurried, and perfectly punctual in the unraveling of His plans. Relax. Surrender to His rule. Be expectant.

And while you wait for His next giant stride, take the next small step. Make the next small decision. Perhaps your greatest commodity is the fistful of yeses and no’s you have in hand. Submit to His Spirit every yes, every no – so your best yeses and no’s will build a beautiful legacy.

Because God is sovereign over your life and calling – but He calls you to steward your life and calling.

Carry on.


. . .

May the fourth be with you!

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