What are you struggling with?

Every three months, my family and I make a hard stop to rest. (We’re doing that now.) Because the (work-life balance) struggle is real.


But I like to read while I rest – so it’s over to YOU.

What’s your (very real) struggle, these days? 

I’d love to hear from you here.

Not saying I can help. But I definitely care. I will read every response. And I promise to ask God for wisdom and words, if He sees fit to use me in your life.


Looking forward to hearing back from you. Rest well, if you’ve also downed tools. Work well, if you’re in the swing of things. It’s all glorious.

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  1. 5th year of working for a boss who just doesn’t want me around – whilst this time has been so good for me in many ways – the Lord has my back and He has used this time to shape and form my character – I am a much nicer and better person for it and Christ has and is glorified. Mostly I feel good but there are just times where I feel tired and my body just gives me away – I am on these beta blockers because my heart just beats wildly for no apparent reason 🙈 – the doctors say it is stress – so I feel like this free floating anxiety is just always there and I just can’t seem to get in top of it – it is like this niggle that no matter how much I feel like I’m good it just klaps me on the back of the head!


    • Thanks so much for sharing, Susan – will be praying God gives you wisdom and discernment as you navigate this.. And greater capacity and resilience to hold steady until He shows you the next step! Much love.


  2. Dear Dalene. It seems like downing tools for me right now is not an option. In July 2015, my daughter was incarcerated and I am looking after her son who is now 9. And then in Sept 2018 9/11 to be exact, my husband passed away of pancreatic cancer after only 5 weeks. I have a young son of 21 and then an older boy of 30, who moved back home after a bad break up in 2016. I turn 59 tomorrow 31 March. I am an estate agent and I also run a small music/DJ business too. Overwhelmed is my middle name. But The Lord is my Rock and even if I fail him daily, He still holds me in His arms. A prayer for courage to get up everyday would be so appreciated. I love Saturday mornings because you message is in my inbox. God bless you and your precious family. Life is tough for us all, but our God is tougher than the rest! Blessings Sharon A


    • Wow Sharon.. Thank you for sharing and happy happy happy birthday… I’m praying right now for renewed courage and extraordinary joy and perseverance and strength to carry the load. Stay in touch. Much love.


  3. Hello gorgeous, what a brilliant habit, I/we should try and adopt!!
    We are taking our first ever overseas trip with our girls. In Mauritius, second last day…
    It has been mostly great!! Some good, some… let’s just say family dynamics…
    What do I battle with… F. E. A. R !! It is a sneaky one… Comes up in so many ways and guises… As I think I have handed it over, I notice something slightly off elsewhere, and so it circles.
    Funny how when one is young and running, you keep changing lanes, wearing brave and courageous, or stitches, bandages and plasters over wounds… but as you learn to slow down and allow the Holy Spirit to take over, those wounds break open and have to be dealt with. Sometimes they are open offense, other times hidden offense… But just as John Bevera says in his brilliant book ‘Bait of Satan’ all hurt is actually offense. 😢
    I’m rambling… Enjoy your break!
    Much love xxx
    Visit when you are back in CT… Would love to see you.


  4. Thank you for your blog! I really appreciate your wisdom on being a Godly mom.
    My eldest is struggling at school. It is heart breaking


  5. Hi Dalene
    You know a little of my struggle over the last year.
    I went to Israel last week and The Lord worked so wonderfully with me and I felt so at peace, and really thought I got this anxiety, depression, and fear thing all worked out and the struggle was finally over. Only to come back to be overwhelmed and overcome by the daily struggle …. and the fear …. and the anxiety. Yet through all the muddle I can hear the small whisper from Him “I have got this My Child”.
    Thank you for your weekly words, they do ground me and remind me that I am loved.


    • Leigh! I replied but it seems it didn’t post! I will keep praying that God gives you victory in this area, and that a day wouldn’t go by without a beautiful reminder from Him that He does indeed hold you in the palm of His hand! Much love


  6. Well I dont usually reply to these types of emails and I most definitely dont reply when it’s so close to home. However I had the privilege of meeting your sister and family this last week on holiday (at least I was told it was your sister) in Mozambique and for some reason after spending time laughing and enjoying the sea and sun together I feel somewhat more confident, comfortable or maybe just plain old calmer to speak up and respond to your email.

    Well currently I’m struggling with financial breakthroughs. It feels as if I am somewhat the textbook christian or even more so the grace giving, spirit filled, righteous, God fearing, intersessor type demon rebuking, strong hold tearer downer type of Christian. I believe with every fiber in my body that we serve a GOOD KIND GRACIOUSLY LOVING GOD. I know there are biblical principles to live by and I also know that God sees all things knows all things and does all things. I just dont understand why we dont see financial breakthrough or even if i can go as far as to say our financial situation seems to get worse!

    I shudder to read my own words but I almost want to say that we have even gone on to implement the ’10 point plan’ on financial breakthrough. Because as we all know Gods word never returns empty. I’ve called the ministering spirits to go and collect the harvest. I’ve been tithing, fasting and even giving freely as offerings. Every moment I get I try to bless others even if it’s just with my time.

    But tell me….. why dont we see our situation turned around? At what stage do we say it’s enough debt and arrange a rescue plan. When does my logic mind kick in and tell me I need an exit plan?

    Someone told me to go through the repentance series and repent of financial strongholds and especially good ideas that werent God ideas when it comes to money. Repentance for me is easy. The less of me and the more of God the better! Circumcision of our own selfish gain is never easy but I honestly dont care. Just give me more of Jesus!!!!

    I have no resentment towards my Father. I am suffocating in love with Him….

    But help me understand when/if/will it change.

    Blessings 3ci member


    • Hey, thank you for sharing your journey and your heart… I will be praying that God gives you extraordinary wisdom, discernment, discretion and clear guidance! He promises to provide, so you needn’t worry about that. How – and how much – He provides is up to Him, and while His ways are above our ways and beyond tracing out, they’re always perfect. I’ll pray for to have perfect peace! Much love!


  7. HI Dalene

    I really enjoy your blog.

    In reply to your post I thought I would let you know that my husband and I are struggling with infertility and on a quest to have healthy children of our own. We are about to embark on our second cycle of IVF and praying for a miracle (or two).

    God bless.



    • Hi Lynette,
      Thank you for being in touch – I am praying right now for peace and joy for you and your husband and for a victorious miracle! Stay in touch! Much love


  8. My struggle right now is feeling lost in the woods of being a stay at home mom to a young family and a husband starting a business. Sacrificing and giving so much of myself that I just don’t even feel like I know where I’m at and what I need. And not feeling like I have time or energy to do any of the things I want to do in any case.


    • Dear Marie – that is a very real struggle indeed… Thank you for sharing! I will pray that God gives you the grace and wisdom to take just the next step, each day – and that you’d find peace and joy in doing even the small, mundane, seemingly insignificant (but very exhausting) things of wifing and momming…. It All Matters. You never know when you’re making your greatest mark on the world. Please don’t give up or give in – He’s got you, and I absolutely believe one day you’ll be able to look back on this season and see His beauty and goodness and all the ways He sustained you, strengthened you and increased your influence and capacity. Sending you love.


  9. My struggle right now is feeling lost in the woods of being a stay at home mom to a young family and a husband starting a business. Sacrificing and giving so much of myself that I just don’t even feel like I know where I’m at and what I need.


  10. Hi Dalene

    My real life struggle is confidence in who I am and in my ability to balance work, family, and my spiritual journey. I often feel defeated in one of those areas and end up feeling sorry for my self. I struggle to pause and think about what I want and need, therefore get exhausted because I don’t get to everything and beat myself up about that…for days…


    • Hi there – thank you for sharing! I will pray that you will begin to see, more and more each day, all that you have to be grateful for – because so often it’s thanksgiving that precedes the miracles of God. I will pray also that God gives you extraordinary wisdom to know how to maintain a right balance. Sending much love!


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