Some honest 6-Word Stories about MARRIAGE | Write me yours?

Inspired by 6-word story trends I’ve seen all over the net, I wrote some about marriage. I’d love you to write some too! Share in the comments, or on Facebook?

Tightly-wound wife? Make love to her.

His needs? Her needs? Think! Pray!

Mom-dad-kid group hugs for the win.

2015-04-03 13.09.42

Make each other your best selves.

Some nights, I’m tired. He’s not.

One-flesh gospel: Jesus loves His church.

2016-01-29 10.12.40

Marriage: a maximum security, life sentence.

He completes my sentences, my life.

Worry-laugh wrinkles: love-worn wonder of together.

2016-01-30 17.57.58

‘I already fixed it,’ he said.

‘I’ll thank you later,’ she said.

The kids caught us kitchen smooching.


Your money is my money: phew!

Keep giving, forgiving, finding each other.


Tea in bed: our nightly refuge.

Life’s crazy. We pray. It’s better.

Gotta understand: we carry different burdens.

2015-04-07 11.06.38

Our wedding feels yesterday, long ago.

Your ‘I do’ was my undoing.

2016-01-29 10.12.28

. . .

Give me your lowdown on marriage, in 6 words. Come on, you know you want to!  And as always, sharing is caring, so feel free to pass this on.

Have a most wonderful week.

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  1. Nice…

    How about:

    The best part of my day. [Although i feel tbV may have said this to me before]

    Despite any today. Tomorrow we’ll coffee.

    i will always have your back.

    Two very different people co-walking intentionally.

    i hate everytime i hurt you

    The crazy dance only i see.

    i’ll always be your biggest cheerleader.

    You’re the best kind of crazy.

    And more…

    love brett fish

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  2. Neat idea. Love your ones!

    Here’s my attempt:

    One look and you see through.

    Your humor breaks through every wall.

    Your deep-loving smile wraps around me.

    Blessed with you – through it all.

    Stood beside me, ups and downs.

    Embraced me through the deepest grief.

    Held me as I cried hard.

    Strong, when I kept breaking more.

    Thankful LORD, for Your great gift.

    Not deserved, but oh so treasured.

    My beautiful husband, soulmate for life.

    Bless Him Lord, draw near him.


  3. Fun break from work today…. Thanks.

    Honey its our money she said!

    One. Bodies entwined. One. Souls united.

    Growing old bumps in funny places.

    Fighting the world together we stand.

    Give me grace. Give her grace.


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