overwhelmed or underwhelmed, We All Carry The Same Hope

I don’t know how this year is ending for you.

You might be elated. Exhausted. Expectant. Dejected. Entitled. Invincible. Numb. Neutral. Shocked. Maybe you’ve been a Kingdom casualty – hit by the shrapnel of another’s selfish agenda. Maybe you’ve experienced extraordinary victory.

Whatever the differing spaces we find ourselves in this Christmas season, we all carry the same hope. So, we could be gentle with each other, maybe? And magnify God’s great Name above the mess, to remember that the mess is not forever.

Here are the next several Haikus for Advent. Check out these ones, and some archived Christmassy posts.

The lights are on the horizon.

So much love to you as we work and rest, wait and hope.

Always love hearing from you here, or you could join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest – for just seventeen syllables a day, to hold the hope of a King who put on skin and offered boundless grace.









  1. Thank you Dalene for being faithful in writing. The haikus are beautiful. Before I went to the UK, I didn’t know what Advent was.

    I remembered yesterday that for Advent in the UK, our old Pastor’s wife would bring out an exquisite Advent Calendar that had little doors from 1 to 24 (hence the name Advent calendar lol) but with the verses and the Christmas story detailed. It had beautiful art and was probably from days gone by where machines didn’t draw for us.

    When she took it out the first year, I thought: “How old-fashioned!” But to see the children’s faces light up every year when that calendar appeared on its big red felt board was so special. Each of them waiting their turn to open their little window.

    And this year I am missing it ;-))

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