2013-things-of-thanks | Week 33

There is cumulative value to investing small amounts of time in certain things over a long period (watch these). Carving out little chunks of time each day for the important things has massive payoff in this life and the next. There’s no immediate benefit from a single instalment (i.e. one gym session doesn’t make you buff) and no obvious cost if an instalment is missed (i.e. you’ll still be a Christian if you don’t pray today). But over time the returns on the time invested are worth far more than what you’re sacrificing now to spend that time. If you know what I mean.

Like, how giving thanks every week is hard and yet the habit is transforming the landscape of our lives. You should totally try it.

Here are this week’s 39 things:

1251 My dad’s DIY wisdom

1252 When Murray gets that excited, the-revolution-is-coming look

1253 Scott parking small metal cars neatly on couch armrests

1254 Discernment in the face of a compelling sales pitch

1255 Cam wearing his left contact lens and glasses after two weeks’ healing – chuffed and handsome

1256 Brian and Kirst’s fireplace and coffee and laughter

1257 The freedom of not having a job this year –

1258 And taking Murray his lunch when he forgot it

1259 Two physio sessions and the pleasure of pain

1260 A cousin sleepover: Meagan, Craig, Cam and Scott inseparable for over 24 hours with marvellous playing and almost no fighting

1261 Inspired to train our boys to be leaders: strength and courage flipsided with humility and obedience

1262 Scott: ‘Mommy, I am your lamb!’

1263 Friday girls’ night at Moo Moos

1264 Bernd’s boerewors rolls

1265 Catching up with an old friend and colleague in Rietondale Park

1266 Cam sending voice texts to Granny

1267 At the beginning of this year we had no idea we’d be moving house two weeks from now – a strange wonderful slightly overwhelming God-surprise

1268 The way Scott greets Murray when he gets home

1269 Cam agreeing to the minimum meal requirement of one bite, one question

1270 Mark’s sermon on community and outreach

1271 Shox speakers

1272 Reminder: fame and success are not the same thing (‘The world doesn’t need another Kardashian’ – Jeff Goins)

1273 Madagascans replanting the rain forests – a million trees in three years

1274 Scott’s questions about dodos and elephant birds

1275 Mosquito nets saving lives

1276 When God speaks into a situation from various sources and you just know

1277 Tweets about goats in trees in Morocco – you’ve got to love this crazy planet

1278 Murray’s gran frail in hospital but kind and soft and grateful

1279 Good news amidst the bad on Talk Radio 702 – relief and hope

1280 Shrieking stomping wrestling boys hunting for Dad behind lounge curtains –

1281 And Lola thinking she’s part of the game

1282 Remembering the snow this time last year: African miracle

1283 The astounding courage of a friend in the daily sacrifice of a new lifestyle

1284 Cam silenced and transfixed by Lego

1285 The Tracker advert that goes back in time and shows the baby being rescued – makes me cry every time

1286 A new season for our cell group

1287 Remembering: I’ll never have this day with my kids again. Study them. Remember.

1288 August winds blustering cold

1289 First smatters of spring rain to settle the dust


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