2013-things-of-thanks: Week 22

This week my 39 things are quite personal – as in, I mention persons, more than usual. I guess I’ve been really aware of God’s glory manifested in the gifts and graces of the beautiful people he makes.

820 The quiet kindness and thoroughness of the surgeon who will operate on Cam’s eyes next month

821 People who spend money on plane tickets for special occasions

822 Fish and chips in the oven –

823 On a Friday night

824 Prayer lists for focus and peace

825 Cherise wearing red

826 Cam praying that Scott would sit through Sunday School

827 Scott sitting through Sunday School – no tears or tantrums

828 Gareth and Michelle talking to our cell group about the magnificence of adoption

829 Murray’s dad – baking rusks for Linda

830 Reconnecting and catching up on the phone with Shirley

831 Knowing people in high places in, like, Cell C

832 Sunny Saturday morning –

833 Tea on the lawn –

834 In the sun –

835 With Murray –

836 While boys ride bikes and shriek and laugh

837 Sunday lunch lasagne with Bernd and Anna-Christi

838 Home after a long busy sociable day: just us for the evening, unedited

839 Elaine’s honesty

840 Baby Annabelle Grace – dedicated to the King of glory

841 Americans who love South Africa

842 My dad building a roof-top tent

843 My mom going with him into a desert to try it out

844 Glynnis and Gwen making me laugh in my cupcake-mess kitchen

845 Ross’s stories of God in the Himalayas

846 People who remember your name

847 Mark Jenkins’ unaffected, gut-felt laughter

848 People who choose right when wrong is easier

849 Surprise money in envelopes

850 Helping out with worship for Sunday night chapel at St Alban’s

851 Hugs from boys who haven’t forgotten

852 Tanya, Duncan, Simon, Bruce

853 Drums and songs and sound

854 Hundreds of boys drawn into God’s presence

855 Meagan: seven and waiting for new front teeth

856 Tea on Mel’s driveway while the boys ride bikes in the cul-de-sac

857 Hands held

858 Remembering suddenly and surreally that two humans came out of my body


Who are you grateful for this week? Leave a comment.

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One comment

  1. Thanks Dee, these blogposts this year often come at the right time. So thankful to be reminded to be thankful!
    We serve a God who delights in delighting us. He is so good!
    What a blessing to know Him in this season of life. So thankful that we don’t get to miss out on the detail of His provision and blessing!


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