2013-things-of-thanks: Week 21

Here they are – my 39 things at the start of a wintery-crisp week in the southern hemisphere. As our days here get shorter, north of the equator God is breathing Hopkins-type ‘dearest freshness deep down things’ and life is surging through snow again because the ‘world is charged with the grandeur of God.’

Where have you seen the splendour this week in a tough-beautiful world of ebb and flow? Stark branches littering their red-gold iridescence in cold dusk? Vivid new green of spring warmth?

781 Murray coming home from Sani2C

782 Sitting in Der Zuckerbäcker behind big windows high up

783 Parking spaces where you can ride through to the other side so there’s no reversing of the 7-seater necessary at all

784 Singing

785 Thrill of a busy day gathering traction

786 When people come over and there are little bodies sleeping on all the beds in our house

787 Weird sad excitement when you know there’s change in the air

788 Picture Cam drew for me of planets, comets and stars

789 Kist full of gift bags and ribbons for wrapping

790 Retweets and replies

791 Casting my burdens

792 Aunty Joy calling the ducks so we could feed them

793 ‘O Lord my God, you have performed many wonders for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list. You have no equal.’ Psalm 40:5

794 Discovering a beautiful, quiet park with friends

795 Quiet evening – early to bed – to knit and watch a Sandra Bullock chick flick

796 Petrol price drop

797 Huge old knobbly tree trunks

798 Sitting on green grass

799 Knitting again – first time in at least two decades

800 St Alban’s old boys all grown up

801 Miraculous restraint during a Scott-tantrum preventing me from killing him

802 Holy Spirit promptings to phone or text people

803 Finding lost things

804 Working out harmonies for kiddies’ songs in the car – embarrassing but so real to me in this season

805 HCS speech festival

806 I’ve never had my car stolen

807 Spam filters

808 Mother’s Day tea in Cam’s classroom

809 Grace and commonground between moms

810 No matter how tough a day has been, eventually it’s bedtime

811 Cam and Scott painting food on paper placemats

812 Rubbish removal

813 Energy-saver bulbs

814 Murray’s grandparents – married for 60 years this week

815 Placecol products

816 Friends who talk life and big concepts

817 God hearing my every breath-prayer

818 Vicarious glimpses of other worlds through the experiences of others

819 Simplicity


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