2013-things-of-thanks: Week 16

A gratitude haiku to kick off this week’s 39 things:


Fists unclench in thanks –

Fingers unfold for torrents

Of beauty and grace


586 Friends who climb Everest (literally)

587 Lola – tall and wagging on hind legs – big dog hairy hugs

588 Soaping little bodies

589 Roast lamb

590 Scott’s uninhibited, undiluted, uncontrollable joie de vivre

591 Running shoes

592 An evening to read in bed

593 Lipstick

594 Cam’s grin

595 The Pretoria Eye Institute

596 Winter scarves and hats and warm pretty things

597 Spinach and feta

598 Pink sunset over the city

599 Cam’s little friends praying for him at his school birthday ring

600 Vomit-cleaning-up-teamwork at 2:00am

601 Murray – gracious selfless dad – always taking the playroom sleeper couch when we’ve run out of dry surfaces for the boys to sleep on

602 A new puppy for the Billsons

603 Tumble drier for washing on rainy days

604 And then sudden sunshine breaking through grey

605 A car to borrow

606 Our car nearly fixed and home

607 Google to answer Cam’s questions about hot air balloons and outer space and gravity and blue bottle stings and volcanic magma vents

608 Snuggling with Scott

609 Jeans

610 Uncanny instantaneous answers to prayer

611 Cam’s ‘treasure chest’ and the worlds of wild stories that emanate from his tinkering with precious junk

612 Murray’s hugs – momentarily stopping the spinning world so I can breathe

613 My Mom’s date pudding on my birthday

614 Silhouette of a thrush at twilight

615 God-thirst for wisdom

616 Cell group discussion and conviction and wrestling

617 Tom Hamilton

618 Crying with a friend

619 And also hoping with her

620 Murray wearing blue

621 Expectation management

622 Lavender on my kitchen counter

623 Hands in hot soapy dish water

624 Poetry



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