2013-things-of-thanks: Week 15

Maybe time flies when you’re having fun.

But it’s oozy and lovely and rich and brimming and beautiful and heavy and sad and slow and exquisite and real – when you’re giving thanks.

One thousand four hundred and twenty-eight delicious blessings still to count this year.

This week, 39 things:

547 Reading Washington Square by Henry James

548 Limbs

549 Top Gear

550 Brothers playing together – raucous happy games in their own make-believe world

551 Thera-band for stretching

552 Facebook likes

553 Emmental

554 Salami

555 Encouragement to raise good men – not nice guys

556 Three birthdays to celebrate in one week

557 Baking Cam a volcano birthday cake

558 Mountains of assignments to mark for UNISA – the bitter-sweet promise of cash / suspension of sanity

559 Old-school party games, like pass-the-parcel (or, pass-the-volcanic-rock)

560 Hugs between five-year-olds

561 Lamb done in the slow-cooker

562 Mechanics who know about replacing oil pumps

563 Leftover cake

564 Scott and Emily (both 2 ½) engrossed in profound – intense – conversation

565 Cam – so grownup on the phone – thanking all the birthday callers

566 Sabbath

567 Murray making pizza

568 John Piper’s faithfulness – his incredible, eternal legacy

569 And the way he has finished well

570 Candle-lit bath

571 Strange satisfaction of sneezing

572 Ancient classic Disney movie – 101 Dalmatians – slow and clear and wholesome – animations outlined and easy for Cam to see

573 Scott-love at bedtime – yawning and leaning heavy and soft – ‘I tired.’

574 Antibiotics for ear infections

575 Our support system – deep as it is wide

576 Sincerity

577 A walk around the block

578 Conviction

579 Early morning fresh and crisp of autumn breakfast sunshine through the blinds

580 Farming out the boys to Nanna or Granny so I can Get Stuff Done

581 Soft socks

582 My greengrocer down the hill – always knocking off ten bucks when I buy flowers

583 Rusks drying in the oven

584 Five years of loving my Cameron

585 Peace in God’s timeless punctuality

Disney animation credit

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