2013-things-of-thanks: Week 7

Seven weeks down, only 45 to go! Here are my 39 things for this week.

If you haven’t stopped by in a while, don’t miss this other series, and the super-cool guest posts that are on the way.

235 Friday morning prayer group

236 Seventeen pork sausages in a packet that said sixteen. Score!

237 Traffic that flows

238 Scott sleeping through one whole night – YES!

239 Opportunities

240 Soccer in the garden

241 My creative corner under the stairs

242 My big sister turning 40 – woo hoo!

243 Bubble bath

244 Old people’s wisdom

245 Big family suppers

246 The chocolate twisty pastries at BICCCS

247 My six nieces and nephews

248 Google Chrome

249 The Action Bible

250 Lisa-Jo Baker

251 Window sills you can sit on

252 Lush green swathe of the Faerie Glen nature reserve

253 The little free fluffy puppy toy in the pack of toilet rolls

254 Scott building block towers (‘I did it!’)

255 The way Cam loves to paint

256 Saks, Taylor and Brauer Optometrists

257 Accountability

258 Cam picking berries

259 Eight puppies born at the neighbours

260 Honesty

261 Fetching the boys from school

262 Change

263 Waste Plan recycling

264 New mercies every morning

265 Ten fingers

266 Murray’s integrity

267 John Robbie

268 David O’Sullivan

269 And how they’re helping channel people’s disgust and rage over rape into healing and making a difference

270 Isaiah 26:3-4

271 Hearing from his patients of Murray’s wondrous, anointed bedside (chairside?) manner

272 Finally getting that song unstuck from my head

273 Park benches


Anyone out there grateful?


Baby hands pic: http://boryssnorc.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/babyhands.jpg



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