2013-things-of-thanks: Week 6

Grateful people are happier and live longer. (Seriously. Google it.) Who doesn’t want that?

If you’re reading this and you can think of ONE thing you’re grateful for, please share it in the comments. That way you will be happier and live longer. And so will I. Because I will be SO grateful that you shared. Win-win! Come on…

Here are the 39 things I’m thanking God for this week:

196 Fly away helium balloons high in a blue Saturday sky

197 The refuge of a KFC in Hatfield while my car gets fixed

198 The smiles you only see in Africa

199 The way Scott says, ‘Wuv you, Tam!’ (= Love you, Cam)

200 Christy Nockels

201 Tiny blue bird on my screen in the middle of the night – I’ve been tweeted

202 Seatbelts

203 When every conversation at a birthday party leaves you better than you were before

204 Bruce and Yol

205 Discovering new things in my own city and feeling touristy

206 Hot bath at twilight

207 Listening to Murray and the boys rough-housing and laughing on the bed

208 Watching a plane through the open window – lights blinking high in the dusk

209 Hot tears that surprise me after years, still bringing healing

210 Supper on the stoep

211 Murray home early

212 Scott leaning on me as we read, blonde curls close

213 Words weighted with glory

214 Habits that bring life and calm

215 Romans 8:27

216 Old maps

217 Hot and cold running water

218 Jolly Jammer biscuits for the boys at Granny’s house

219 Rocking chairs

220 Bacon

221 Beads

222 Murray calming Scott in the night when I’ve got a migraine

223 Sound of rake on leaves

224 Absolute quiet when there’s a power cut – no fridge, no lights buzzing

225 Colour printers

226 Surprise visits

227 Plaited pigtails

228 My Mom’s good ideas

229 Cam practising and slowly, squiggly, getting it right: C – a – m

230 Wind

231 Skype

232 Cinnamon

233 The playground tree – so climbable! – at Cam’s school

234 Heroes of the faith

Balloons in a blue sky pic: squealsandglitter.blogspot.com


  1. Our “new” group of stay at home moms who get together to pray, share and laugh! So awesome. Thankful for that. And chips 😉


  2. One thing I’m really grateful for is your blogs (this one and the one about Cam and Scott) that pop into my inbox and give me cheer and hope! Wish I could find some other moms too so i could have a playgroup for my little baby as well!!


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