2013-things-of-thanks: Week 5

I’m doing some online courses through Covenant Theological Seminary this year. One of them is about music and worship in the changing church and it’s presented by James Ward who says,

‘To live aesthetically is to share in God’s imagination.’

So I’m thinking, to live the wide-eyed thankful life is to make art. With the random materials of any given day. Any ordinary magical day.

1818 to go! This week I’m grateful for:

157 My GHD straightener

158 When someone fills an awkward silence

159 Walking through the veld with Coral in the damp of early morning

160 Hot running water

161 Wooden bridges

162 Fields purple with wild flowers

163 A rainy Saturday to remind me of Kendal

164 My Skechers

165 A friend’s perspective served with scones and cream

166 Scott deliriously happy again at school

167 The feeling of being part of something bigger than me

168 God shining light on things I think and feel. (As in: ‘Oh right. I get it.’)

169 My slippers – like walking on little clouds

170 The hard crusty bit on the edge of a cheese roll from The Pantry

171 A full fruit bowl

172 Encouragement

173 Milo

174 Dancing in the drizzle on the lawn

175 Friends who inspire me to be a better version of myself

176 New fat crayons

177 Scott kissing me quite wildly in the middle of a sermon

178 Irene Dairy

179 Cam swimming right across the pool on his own

180 Murray’s guitars

181 Rippling streams in deep shade

182 Polished banisters

183 Chocolate cake and bananas for breakfast on a Sunday

184 The relief and release and relax of living for an audience of One

185 Coastal villages clinging to craggy cliffs

186 Bills that are less than we expected

187 Bills that are more than we expected – and God’s provision

188 Rebecca – serene and nearly-nearly the mom of three

189 Kean’s coffee with my St Alban’s peeps

190 Fist pumps from strangers. I just love that.

191 Carpet cleaners

192 Vovo Telo sandwiches

193 Romans 8:37

194 New ideas

195 Peace


Photo credit: healthypalatecookbook.com

One comment

  1. Such awesome thank you things Dee!! I love reading your blogs! Puts a hop, skip and jump into my step! My thank yous have been lagging behind!! Will catch up asap-want to carry on!

    Your blog about living your dream has been a tough-tought provoking one.

    How do I go about it? This question I wrestle with everyday when the alarm goes off at 5 and I know my passion is elsewhere. Kids, I love, but teaching-debatable! The box is too small, the routine too rigid,the Yol- not free to discover and explore!

    I need blogs like yours to let my wrestle and think and plan! And TRUST! My Bruce is like your Murray-resign love is what he says everyday-can I? Should I? Soooo many questions? How? Money? Kids schooling? Etc!!! Hard! Don’t I trust? Or am I realistic? or just plain stupid! Mmmmm…my battle!

    Thanks Dee! It means so much to me!
    Big hugs!!

    Yol xx
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