Of red tape and rebirth: some prayers

Here’s a handful of simple seventeen-syllabled prayers, inspired today by staffroom tea and an awesome, ad hoc, perspective-challenging chat with my friends Bruce and Gwenda – about fire-lighting-world-changing-life-altering Christianity (versus Sunday-churchy Christianity).

I’d love it if you prayed one or two of these with me. I’d love it even more if you passed them on to encourage someone.

Drown our devotion

To rules, religion, red tape:

Throw us the grace raft.


Keep us from sliding

Into the muddy mires

Of tradition: help!


Shout strong and gentle

Into ears deaf to the roar

Of your still small voice.


Make us a people

Who live free, love truth: forgive

And are forgiven.


Light warm hope fires

In tired cold hurting hearts:

Show us your glory!


Let us taste more of

Jesus: drink the fragrance of

His death that brought life.


Christ, King, Friend: help us

Draw people to your brightness –

Love them with our lives.

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